Vice City PS2 Basic Information

  ---Basic Information


The radar on GTA:VC is a Pink Circle on the oustide with different colour areas inside. This is displayed at the bottom left of your screen. It is extremely useful when doing missions as it will be one of your only ways to tell where to go.

Here are what the colours indicate:

Blue = Water
Green = Grass
Black = Road
Yellow = Sand
Grey = Grey Road / Path such as car parks.

Wanted Level

At the top right of your screen you will see 6 Black stars. These indicate your wanted level. When you do something illegal and the cops see you, your wanted level will increase. This could be stealing a car, killing a pedestrian, killing a cop, blowing up a car, or lots more.

When your wanted level increases, a black star will flash then turn gold. They
will start from the right and work along to the left.

Health + Armour

Your health and armour are alo displayed at the top right of the screen. The Pink Heart icon is your health and the grey vest is your armour. To start with you will be able to gain a max of 100 health and 100 armour, but as you play through the game it will increase, and eventually you will have a max of 200 health + 200 armour!

If you lose all of your health you will be "Wasted". Read down to see about being Wasted.


At the furthest right of the screen you will see your currently selected weapon plus its ammo if it has any. You can change weapons by pressing . or , (or using your mouses wheel).

The time is the highest thing on the right of the screen, its in 24 hour format, and will be useful. It is just like real time, where 11:00 would be 11 am and 23:00 is 11 pm. As you would expect, as it gets later, or earlier the day on vice City will change. At night cars will put their headlights on, and it will get dark, and in the morning you will see the sunrise. Depending on what direction you face, you can see the sun rays shining in your eyes, which is pretty cool, until you drive into the water...

Its very important to know how much money you have in Vice City. There are a lot of things to blow your money on, and so you have to plan how you're gonna get enough to buy that new mansion, or business.

Your money value is displayed at the top right of the screen.


When you die you are returned to a hospital, these are buildings where you will usually find an ambulance outside it, and a health pickup. The health pickup costs you $20 dollars though.

There are hospitals in...

Vice Port
Ocean Beach
Little Havana


Ammu-Nation is a gun store, where you will almost Definitely have to go to pick up some firepower. You can find it by going to the Gun item on your radar.Inside you can buy a range of weapons from pistols, to shotguns, to rugers to sniper rifles, and even body armour. Obviously the stuff aint cheap, but its worth it, so start saving up now!

You can find them...

North Point Mall
Ocean Beach

Police Station

When you are busted you are returned to a police station, at these buildings you will usually find a police car outside it.

There are police stations in...

Ocean Beach
Vice Point

Pink Circles

As you explore vice City you will see a variety of Pink Circles, these do various things, but mainly are for accepting a mission, or doing something in a mission. For example to accept a mission, walk into the Pink Circle then you will see the cut scene.

If you die or get busted when on a mission, and are returned to the hospital or police station, there will be a Cabbie waiting outside. Get inside it and it will take you back to where you accepted the mission, for a small price of $9.

"Wasted" is GTA's term for Dying. If you are shot to death you are wasted.

When you are wasted you are returned to the nearest hospital. You will lose all weapons and the doctors will take some cash for patching you up. You wil find ways of healing or protecting yourself the more you play the game.


"Busted" is GTA's term for being arrested. If the police catch you, you are

When you are busted you will be returned to the nearest Police station. The cops will take all your weapons, and some or your cash as a bribe. Any missions you were on will be failed. You will only be arrested if you have a wanted level. Your wanted level is represented by the row of stars in the top right of the screen. As your wanted level increases you will attract more powerful forms of law enforcement.

Saving Your Game

To save your game all you have to do is walk into a Pink Video Tape. You can find one by following your radar to a Pink Square. The more places you buy, the more places you have to save. BE AWARE THAT SAVING AT THE ICE CREAM FACTORY CAN F*** UP YOUR GAME SAVE!

When you buy a savehouse, sometimes it will come with a garage. If you put a car in here, when you save your game, it will be there when you reload it.


You can buy your own houses in Vice City, but you need sufficient Funds first. Once you buy a house you can save your game there.

The cops on Vice City dont take it easy on you, you do anything to break the
law, and they WILL stop you, or at least try to.

1 Star - A few on foot cops, maybe a car chase. Star will disappear after a minute or so.

2 Stars - Cops in cars, 3 or 4 cops on foot, shooting and chasing you. Stars wont disappear, so u better find bribes, or a Pay & Spray.

3 Stars - VCPD undercover cops in Cheetahs, police on foot. Spike strips to pop your tires. Cheetahs are fast, and wont stop.

4 Stars - Swat team, numerous Police cars, spike strips, cheetahs, guns, your in deep sh!t now!

5 Stars - FBI in Ranchers and Washington's, machine guns, good aim, your pretty much screwed.

6 Stars - ARMY!!! Tanks + Barracks OL's! RUN FOR IT!


To survive in Vice City, you have to know where to go, who to trust, and what to do!

Your main way of surviving is by getting Health or Body Armour. You will also need to pack some heat (get a weapon... you fool...). It is essential to know where the rare police bribes are, and they pay and sprays because you will definitely need them.

Locations of all the things you will need can be found further down in the document.

Vehicle Basics

Getting In A Vehicle:

Getting in a vehicle that is unlocked is surprisingly easy. All you have to do is push the TRIANGLE (or Enter) button and if the door is unlocked you will get in or on it.

Bailing From A Moving Vehicle:

To bail from a moving vehicle, all you have to do is push the TRIANGLE (or Enter) button while you are riding along.

You will however, lose health when you bail.

If you are going too slow then pushing the TRIANGLE (or Enter) button will stop the vehicle, but if you are moving at a relatively fast speed then you will bail.

When you bail you will quite simply fall out of the car onto the ground and roll. When you bail from the bike you will jump off the back of the bike and land on your feet.

Carjackers / Car Jacking:

This game is not for wusses, you don't have to wait and win cars, or unlock them or buy them.... YOU STEAL THEM, after all, this is GRAND THEFT AUTO! if you see a nice car, or any car driving around you can just take it!

If you can catch up to the vehicle all you have to do is push TRIANGLE (or Enter) next to the vehicle and you will pull the driver out and then you are free to roam the streets in your new vehicle.

But watch out! You’re not the only one who likes taking other peoples cars. if you have something that takes a car jackers fancy then they WILL take it, so be prepared to give chase to a car jacker once he steals your bike!

Vehicle Damage:

Like real life, the vehicles aren't invincible, even if you make a small collision you will end up scraping some of the paint off, or smashing a window.

As you wreck your vehicle (as you will most likely do as you speed around, completely dis-obeying the law) there will be smoke coming from the engine. You don't need to worry about WHITE smoke too much, but once you get to the BLACK its time to start panicking because the car is gonna catch fire at any second, and will then blow up!

Not only is it collisions that can damage cars, now on Vice City, you can shoot out the windscreen and kill the driver with any First Person View shooting gun, and you can also destroy the various parts of the cars with Bats, Chainsaws and the works like that.

There are some destructive weapons that can completely blow up a vehicle in 1 shot such as Grenades or the Rocket Launcher, so you can have fun once you get one of those.

More advanced damage features has been added to the cars in Vice City.

Finally Rockstar North have created a feature that stands out! POPPING CAR TIRES!!!

You can use a few weapons to pop the tires of the cars. What's more, the police will also pop your tires to stop you getting away, and it works! Either way your cars handling will decrease greatly, and you will find that you spin out of control a whole lot more.

Weapon Basics

There are a number of ways to find weapons in Vice City, first you could actually FIND them. You could also get the hidden packages, where like GTA3, you will unlock new weapons and extras for every 10 you find . You could take them from a dead person, hehehe, for example if you kill a cop, you can take his Baton and his guns, or Gang members will have weapons which you can take once you manage to floor them. Lastly (or maybe not) you can buy them from shops. If you look up at the list of shops you will find where you can buy them from, and how much they cost. OH YEAH, you will also get weapons in certain missions where if you beat the missions well enough, you will be able to keep it.

Losing Your Weapons:

If you run out of ammo for a weapon it will disappear and if you are busted or wasted you will lose all of your hard earned weapons.

Drive-By Shooting:

I wasn’t sure if this fitted in the Vehicle Section, or the Weapons
Section, but I have included it here.
If you take an automatic / semi automatic gun into a car, plane or motorbike
you can perform a drive-by shooting.
All you have to do is hold the O button to fire forwards (only on a bike) or
hold either L2 + O to fire LEFT or R2 + O to fire RIGHT. I'm sure you guys
can have some fun with this little feature, which was also in GTA3,
but without the forward shooting feature.


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