VCS, Best Handheld Game Of 2007

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 11:35 AM MDT | By ash_735
The votes are in for the 2007 Golden Joystick Awards and good old Grand Theft Auto has still managed to win something. This time, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, which was released last October for the PSP, has won the GamesRadar Handheld Game of the Year 2007 award.
Vice City Stories PS2

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 07:05 PM MDT | By Kodo
For the uninformed, GTA: Vice City Stories is now available on the PS2 for $19.99. Go to the official website for brand new PS2 screenshots and the PS2 trailer.
PlayStation 2 owners that missed out on last years PSP release -- while you wait on what is being cooked up for later this year, there is no better way than this to whet your appetite for a taste of the often-imitated, never-duplicated Grand Theft Auto experience.
VCS Announced For the PS2

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 10:41 PM MDT | By Zidane
Today, Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will no longer remain exclusive to the PSP. It will be available for the Playstation 2 in America on March 6th, and Europe March 9th.

So... anyone wanna buy a PSP?

Source: http://ir.take2games.com/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=229033
VCS Released

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 12:02 PM MDT | By Zidane
A tad bit early, but hey, that's okay. The user "Enstone" from GTAForums already has a copy, and is sharing some screenshots and info with everybody in this thread.
Official VCS Update No. 2!

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 07:33 PM MDT | By Zidane
Rockstar has updated the official Vice City Stories site with some more info, new screens and a new trailer. Check it out! :)

Discuss in the forums!

Thanks to ash_735
VCS Gameplay Videos

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 11:46 PM MDT | By Zidane
There are two new VCS gameplay videos available at IGN.

Check them out here.

Discuss in the forums.

Thanks to xXSoldierXx
VCS Previews & New Screenshots

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 02:11 PM MDT | By Zidane
IGN and Gamesradar have new VCS previews available, along with some flashy new screenshots!

Check out IGN's preview and screens here, and the gamesradar preview here.
VCS Website & More!

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 09:12 PM MDT | By Zidane
The official (and very flashy!) Vice City Stories website is up! Along with the first trailer, and some other... totally rad! bits of information. You can check it all out here.

So far, the game looks very advanced, and graphically amazing for the PSP. The music in the trailer really fits Vice City, so the game's soundtrack seems promising! Not to mention the voice actors sound great! Definitely more updates soon.

Also, don't forget to check out MeTV!

Discuss in the forums.
First Cast for VCS

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 11:06 PM MDT | By Zidane
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has listed a few actors, which makes the current known Vice City Stories cast a whopping four people; Lazlow (for radio), Navid Khonsari (previously worked on R* titles), Philip Michael Thomas (voice of Lance Vance), and Ving Rhames (possible voice of the main character, Victor Vance).

Now the IMDb is a reliable source for information regarding movies, television and video games, but they are not always 100% accurate. The names above have not been confirmed by R* themselves.
First Vice City Stories Details/PSM Vice City Stories article

GTA: VCS - General News | @ 07:17 PM MDT | By JMR
The new issue of Australian Gamepro magazine includes an exclusive interview with Rockstar, which includes the first details about the next GTA game on PSP. From what the article displays, it seems like GTA fans are in for a great new experience!

• Victor Vance (Lance Vance's brother) is the main (and playable) character. Victor is 28 years old, a marine, and has said to be in 'peak physical condition'.
• Vice City Stories takes place in 1984, and the game is told to be two times as big as in GTA: Vice City.
• New and improved animations, characters will show more 'emotion'.
• A staple of the series, new vehicles, such as jet-skis.
• Unlike in LCS, you can now swim.
• VCS will feature a multiplayer mode very similar (if not identical) to the multiplayer shown in LCS.
• New weather effects (hurricanes!)
• More variation in missions.
• New water effects, including new effects for the new jetskis.
•The radio stations featured in Vice City will return, complete with new songs from the 80's.
• New loading system in VCS (for example, there are now only slight pauses before missions)
• Improved draw distances, said to be better than other titles.
• Increased density of pedestrians, cars, etc.
• Less "clumping" ('clumping" is where groups of pedestrians, using the same model, would appear together)
• A new theme park is introduced in Ocean Beach, complete with a rideable (and in first-person, too!) ferris wheel.
• Trip Skips (first introduced in GTA: Vice City) return in VCS.

However, there are some negatives...

• No character or vehicle customization.
• No climbing (such as in San Andreas).
• No integration between outdoor and indoor areas (a few seconds of load time seems probable).

Vice City Stories is shaping up to be quite an adventure to embark on. More will be posted as it is unveiled, stay tuned!

There are screenshots from the article. However, it is illegal for us to post them, bottom line. Sorry guys, but that's the way it is. You can, however, pick up the October 2006 issue of PSM (now available in newsstands in the U.S.), which includes various screenshots as well as an outline of four missions in VCS! If you have a subscription to PSM, odds are you already have this issue in your possession. However, if you don't, get on the ball and go check it out!
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