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VCO (Vice City Online) has been created to enable an online multi-player experience for the PC version of the single-player game, copyrighted by Take Two Interactive Software, Inc., Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (the fourth installment of the award-winning Grand Theft Auto series, created by top game developers at Rockstar Games Ltd. and Rockstar North).

VCO originated as a personal project founded by ReGeX, a C++ programmer, and Koolio, whose shared interests in promoting the positive aspects of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City provide the inspiration for this grand, yet difficult, adventure. Development on VCO began in October, 2007, with RC1 released in March, 2009 and RC1 Patch 1 concluding in April, 2009.
VCO RC1 Patch 2 R2 Released (Master Server Patch)
As a result of the server browser returning an error that the master server was down (due to the unexpected shut-down of X-Serverz (, ALL SERVER OWNERS must download the new server build in order for the server to be listed on the servers list. Additionally, all VCO players MUST obtain a new client in order to obtain the patched server browser with the new master server contact information. This server browser should prevent these master server change updates in the future, regardless if the master server host has been changed.

The new download is available on the Downloads page on the Vice City Online official website.

Apologies for the inconvenience,
VCO Master Server Issue
Dear VCO Community,

We are currently aware that the master server is down, due to the old host, X-Serverz (, shutting down unexpectedly. Fortunately, I have arranged for a new master server host to continue to run the master server. In addition to the change of the host, it has been planned that this will be the last time a browser and server update is necessary for these types of updates.

Further Information:
I hate to make promises, but I was informed that it should be back up and running by tomorrow by 23:59:59 (GMT).

My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience,
NEW Unofficial Website
During the initial release of Vice City Online, this modification consisted of a page and a forum section.
Recently constructed from scratch by VCO Developer, ReGeX, and VCO Beta Team Member, DECEiFER, a brand new VCO UNOFFICIAL website has been constructed. This website is NOT designed to replace the usage of the GTAGaming official website and forums, but it is there to merely expand on Vice City Online to support a separate group of users. Features of this website include:
  • A BRAND NEW SMF forum with a VCO-specific and custom theme.
  • Dynamic server statistic signatures, for use on forums and websites alike!
  • A news module bringing you minor and major unofficial tablets of awareness.
  • Links to the official website's homepage, wiki, and bug tracker.
  • A scripting module (Currently in construction)

So, what are you waiting for? Come down and visit us today at...
Current Release Information
VCO Browser Patch 2 RC1

What does this update include? It includes:

•   The server browser server contact "bug" has been fixed.
•   The amount of servers contacted and the total number of servers are now reliable.
•   Servers that are downloaded but are not able to be contacted will appear as offline on the server list instead of not displayed at all. This was a contributing factor to the unreliability.
•   Contacted server calculations have been updated to make them 100% accurate.
•   The favorite list passworded server bug has been fixed (refer to the bug tracker for more info.).
•   The credits menu has been updated.
•   Don't forget to check daily on progress with RC2!
Old Release Information
VCO Browser Patch 1 RC1

What does this update include? It includes:

•   The server browser has been completely redone from scratch.
•   There is no more lag associated with any server contacting, especially with offline servers.
•   Individual passwords are supported per favorite server.
•   Servers can now be added successfully to the favorites list from the servers and official lists, with password specification.
•   The server information field is now completely accurate, and now selects the server IP in the process.
•   The server browser now has a BRAND new pink theme, which is togglable on and off with great ease.
•   Invalid characters have now been checked in the player name.
•   Refreshing the browser no longer causes extreme lag.
•   The bug where servers would incorrectly update (the server would switch places in the browser) has been fixed since it has been redone.
•   A brand new feature has been implemented: a news and updates tab! Now you can see INSIDE the server browser if any news, hot topics, and updates exist - very convenient for the user.
•   The browser now supports resizing and maximizing, and it will remember your preferences too! Now you can finally have a browser in full screen.
•   Remember those pesky popup messages when you refresh the server list? They are gone! The new server browser has a progress bar at the bottom to assure smoothness.
•   No more lag is associated with switching between tabs.
•   The server lists download instantly opposed to very sluggishly and laggy.
•   Yes, double clicking on a server, right clicking and selecting connect, or simply pressing connect will still allow you to enter a server.
•   Fresh and new buttons have been created to your liking!
•   Favorite servers can be removed simply with the press of your delete key, but you can still use the buttons if you prefer.
•   Browsing for your gta-vc executable now entails browsing for the directory instead of the individual file.
•   External and clickable links have now been added in the about menu.
•   The credits menu has been updated.
•   Plus MUCH, MUCH more which you'll have to see to believe!
VCO Server Patch 1 RC1

What does this update include? It includes:

•   The master server time out fix, where servers, after a while, would stop appearing when you clicked the Servers tab in your server browser. This explains why you always saw an extremely low number of servers on at a given time. Now, a complete view of the servers which have chosen to announce to the master list will display.
•   The linux server no longer depends on specific versions of glibc, which yields easy hosting.
•   The linux server's stock script no longer links to backslashes in the extension.

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