The next major update for Grand Theft Auto Online will arrive next week on the 13th of May. In this update you will find a load of new content ranging from new apartments, vehicles and weapons as well as the ability for you, the player, to own a second apartment and check out how passive or agressive other players are thanks to the Mental State meter.

Below is the list of new vehicles you will be able to purchase in both Single Player and Multiplayer:
- Enus Huntley S (SUV)
- Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports)
- Pegassi Zentorno (Super)
- Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle)

You will also find additional clothing items, new racing options (such as the much requested Non Contact Mode), taunts, vehicle horns as well as new jobs.

You can read the full details about the update over on Rockstar's News Wire.