UPDATE: YES! This was our April Fools. :)

We are proud to exclusively announce the long awaited Single Player DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, in a few weeks or so you will be able to download Grand Theft Auto V: Pogo The Monkey, an all new Single Player Campaign.

Taking place shortly after the ending of the main game, you, the player will be in control of the recently re-born legend that is Pogo The Monkey, being thrown onto the streets of Los Santos, Pogo must overcome his struggle against the System, Pharmaceutical Assistants, Psycho Clowns, the FIB, the IAA, Plastic Surgeons, the Scooter Brothers and Evil Space Aliens. Pogo must run, escape, infiltrate and fight against all the odds if he hopes to achieve his dream of storming the White House and becoming President of the United States of America.
"YES! Play this, we think, we only got to see it for 15 seconds before we had to do an article about Twitch, or Sexism, or Snacks" - Kotaku

The game will include a variety of new weapons such as the famous Banana-Cannon as well as other primate favorites such as the Peanut Pistol, Throwing Rocks, Banana Peels and a Large Stick!
"100.7FM Non Stop Pop now plays "Hollaback Girl", ...that's all it plays, ...on a loop" - EuroGamer

Players will also have access to several new vehicles including the Pogo Stick, Zoo Truck, Fast Car and Cousin's Space Rocket (with cameo from Space Monkey!) and seeing as this is a serious DLC for the game, it will also include new radio content! Featuring well known classics like "Daydream Believer", "Tra La La", "Banana Boat Song (Day O)" and "The Bad Touch".

To complete this DLC is a slew of new mini games for you to enjoy, ranging from new activities like Tree Climbing & Banana Eating, to Clown Killing Rampages as well as some of our most requested activities from the fans, that's right, Pimping is back in the game, but why stop there? This is Los Santos, for the first time ever players will be able to try out the new Porn Director mini game, channel your inner Steve Scott and get Pogo to tell those bitches what to do! Remember where the money shots are and score maximum points!

All this can be yours for just $40/£30 or you might want to take advantage of the soon to be available Rockstar Pass which will be just a one off payment of $69/£69, giving you this DLC and any future Online DLC, special bonus includes more cloud space, only true fans have access to more clouds to improve their Grand Theft Auto Online experience. More information coming soon.