Brothers, Sisters, it is a pleasant Sunday afternoon, and on such a calm, peaceful day, we want to help you find enlightenment. Which is why here, at the Epsilon Program our loyal followers have come together at our main temple in Vinewood, Los Santos, to record this masterful album to inspire truth and to put your mind on the right path, the #KIFFLOM path. Even though there may be certain lying and disrespectful teams out there trying to ruin our great names with words like "Cult" and "Liars", this is simply not true, we do not kidnap people, people come to us freely, seeking peace of mind, and a better way of life, and that IS something we can provide.

So as a special gift to the world, we are letting you freely listen to this album, "The Higher Reaches of Epsilon, Vol 1" by our KIFFLOM Subjects, this 12 track album was made and spurred on with great love and vast donations from some of Vinewood's biggest stars, we hope you accept our gift, we hope you enjoy our gift, we hope you will not pay attention to those silly rumours and lies being spread by the heathens who do not want to be saved, and most important of all, we hope you, yes you, the reader, reading this text right now, we're talking to you now, we hope that you will come and join us at our Vinewood temple on our Open Day on the 17th of September, 2013, and be saved for a small fee and life change.

Thank you, #KIFFLOM