IGN is kicking off a week of exclusive GTA V content with the world's first hands-on of the much anticipated game. The article is packed with play-by-play game details and new screenshots.

Here's some new information that we gathered from the article:
  • Weapon wheel stores all of your collected weapons, even if they run out of ammo or you get busted.
  • The police are smarter than Liberty City's finest and will pick you off from afar.
  • An early mission with Franklin called Repossession has him and his friend Lamar repo'ing a motorcycle for their boss at the car dealership.
  • The first mission to introduce all three protagonists is called Three's Company - we've seen this mission in gameplay videos, where the three work together to take out a target in a downtown skyscraper.
  • Another mission called Derailed has Michael and Trevor hijacking a train.
  • Trevor gets revenge in a mission called Nervous Ron, where he goes after some members of The Lost MC who ransacked his trailer.
  • In Vinewood Babylon, Michael needs to take down a private jet to retrieve an on-board package.

For a lot more details on the missions outlined above, check out the full article at IGN.

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