The guys over at CVG are back again with another one of their GTA 5 o'clock episodes but this time actually getting to interview one of the guys at Rockstar North, producer Imran Sarwar, and here he talks about some interesting stuff already known as well as things not previously mentioned, you can watch the video below:

If you want a brief summary, here's what we haven't heard before:
- Leave your car behind during a mission? Well after the mission is over, you can collect you car from the City Vehicle Impound for a small fee

- Vehicles now leak Petrol (Gasoline) when damaged and this can be used to your advantage

- Melee system has been overhauled, using a free flowing system when fighting groups of people

- Strength Stat affects how much damage and efficient the protagonists are when fighting hand to hand

- Plenty of Destructive Scenes, some happening early on in the game

- Use character switching to your advantage, you can place each protagonist at certain key points before you make your attack and the AI will control the other protagonists from where you placed them with what weapon you chose (example given, placing Michael at a vantage point with a Sniper Rifle and switching back and playing as Trevor as AI Michael will provide support from a distance)