Grand Theft Auto: Advance - Missions: Vinnie
Jump Start

This mission is exactly what the name suggests - a jump start. You, as the player, will get to learn the controls, the lay of the land, and a bit of character history. Howerver, your main goal, as the main character Mike, is to transport your old pal Vinnie to a restaurant in Portland Beach where he finishes up some deals with the Mafia. Once that is done, your hideout, which is located in Hepburn Heights, will open up. Here, you can save your game while not on missions. Also, a "V" icon, for vinnie, will show up on your radar. This points to the location where you will meet Vinnie to take his missions.

Dirty Laundry

This is the first "real mission," and you will be working for Vinnie at this point. First, you need to head on over to the Ammu-Nation to grabe a gun. After you purchase a gun (I suggest the pistol unless you have more cash to get a better weapon), get ready to lock and load. Follow the red dots on the radar to locate your enemy. Once you kill your enemy, the mission will be over. It's not hard at all. Your reward - $1000 and a little bit more repsect from Vinnie. Also, once you pass this mission, you will receive a new location for missions. These side-missions, which are street races, will show up on your radar as a checkered flag icon. Head on over there when you're short on dough.

Hot Wheels

No... this mission doesn't involve playing with tiny race cars! Vinnie tells Mike that the Mafia is ready to help the two of them get out of the city. But first, you need to get a fast car for your grand escape. Vinnie tells you to head on over to Atlantic Quays where you'll find a Banshee parked in the lot. So, grab a ride and go to Atlantic Quays (marked as a green dot on your radar). But, of course, it's not that easy. The valet man (or whoever he is), who pops out of nowhere, asks you for your parking stub. Since you obviously don't have one, Mike makes a sassy remark. You can never leave any witnesses alive, so you'll have to kill the poor guy. Oddly enough, the valet man just happens to have a pistol with him. He whips it out and starts shooting you. He has such poor aim that it's pretty easy to just walk up to him and punch him to death. Once you get in the Banshee, the alarm will go off, giving you two cops (who have super-sensitive ears) on your tail. You'll have to paint the Banshee so the polic don't recognize you. To do so, go to the Pay 'n' Spray as fast as you can (marked as a spray can on your radar). There's a convenient star (which takes one cop off your back) near Atlantic Quay, so pick that up if you come across it. Visiting the Pay 'n' Spray usually costs you $1,000, but since it's your first time, you get a freebie. After painting your car, the cops will be gone, and you'll get a page from Vinnie telling you to get the car back to your hideout in Hepburn Heights (marked as a pink dot on the radar). Once you arrive, the mission is passed! Your reward - a whopping $3,000


Grand Theft Auto: Advance - Side Missions

Street Race #1

Go to the checkered flag on your radar. It doesn't matter what car you take there, since you have to use the BF Injection for the race anyways. In fact, it's not really a street race. You have no opponents. Your mission is to go around the city in under three minutes. There are blue bars on the streets (marked as pink dots on your radar) that you have to pass through on the way. It's more of a slalom minus the snow and the skis. You'll find a couple of hidden packages on the way, but try to resist because if you get out of your car, the mission is over! However, the overall mission isn't very hard. You'll find that there will be well over 30 seconds left at the end. Once you complte the mission, you will receive $2000 as your reward. The street racing location will still be open for more missions.


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