Grand Theft Auto 2 The Streets

The Police are every where; overworked and always eager to arrest first and ask questions later, they not only travel in convoys, with special driving techniques to force you off the streets and into the nearest lamp-post, but have back up in the form of CIA agents, SWAT teams, and if needs be, military intervention. Anything to keep filth like you OFF the streets, and OUT of other people's cars.

The streets, as you might imagine in a city populated by over-stimulated under-utilized urban detritus, are not safe - teaming with pedestrians eager to seek safety in numbers and well lit walk ways, or deserted and desolate side streets, they are dangerous places to hang around, even for a tough, hardened thug about town like yourself - full of muggers and car-jackers, teeming with police and easily panicked masses, you've got a lot of obstacles to avoid, and a lot of people who don't care how tough you think you are.  

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