Grand Theft Auto 2 Gangs

A futuristic urban nightmare. The international city that we are all terrified is only a few years away, is yours for the taking. Modeled on the apocalyptic visions of the future from the 1970s and 1980s, the city for GTA 2 is a fully dysfunctional urban hell. Like all cities, it has a fully international flavor and each different group in the city wants to control something.

Russian and Japanese immigrants, hillbilly scumbags and religious extremists, lunatics and genetically modified automatons, all want to control the city, all dominate areas of the landscape and parts of the cities sundry illicit activities, each with their own agendas and ambitions, each with their own enemies and feuds, each with their own psychotic leaders desperate to grab anything they can get their hands on.
Ziabatsu Corporation

Then there's the monstrous Zaibatsu Corporation. Exploiting a series of loopholes in government and socio-narcotic control; the Zaibatsu Corporation controls the supply of legal, exceedingly popular yet morally dubious play-drugs which have acted to destabilize the whole of society and put enormous financial power in the hands of drugs' manufacturers. Their newest legally available synthesis, Zoom Zoom, is causing massive social unrest, while their diversification away from software, highly addictive food additives and play drugs into virtually every other form of manufacturing and service provision has given the company an enormous amount of unregulated power.
The others... The Yakuza The Loonies The Scientists The Rednecks The Krishna 

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