Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS2 Weapons

Not only would Carl look funny without any fists, he probably wouldn't survive! Your main weapon when you're short on dough is your very own fists. Obviously only useful for close combat, your fists will help you beat up pedestrians to earn money on the streets. You can also improve your skills with your fists and feet at the Dojo Combat Center where you can even learn new moves to unleash on all of your enemies.

Knuckle Dusters

Knuckle dusters, or brass knuckles, are a thug's best friend. Although they are not as effective as a shovel or night stick, brass knuckles are great substitutes for bare fists. They add a bit more power to each and every blow you take at an enemy. Brass knuckles will also come in handy when you don't have enough money to purchase melee weapons or guns.

Baseball Bat

Sure baseball bats are great for playing at the park, but Carl isn't into that kind of stuff! Baseball bats will turn into your melee weapon slot's best friend. They are much more effective than brass knuckles and they are much more abundant. Expect to see many gangsters roaming the streets with baseball bats. Killing them is one of the easier ways to receive a baseball bat.


You'll be able to slice and dice all of your enemies with this awesome, ninja-like sword returning from Vice City. If the knife seems too puny for you, and you want to feel like a real gangsta, all you need to do is pick up a Katana and roam the streets of Los Santos with it!


Sure the knife isn't as effective as the katana, but it's still a great weapon. Mostly used for stealth attacks, the knife is a great way to get your victim by surprise. Since it's a bit hard to sneak up to a person with a katana in your hand, the knife will be there for you. Crouch down, slowly walk up to your victim's back, get up, and slice away!


And you thought shovels were only good for digging. Well, you're wrong! Turns out that shovel can knock someone out cold as fast as a baseball bat. Not only can you kill people with it, but it serves a double purpose - disposing the body!

Golf Club

Golf clubs are good for two things, and two things only - strokes on the putting green and... whacking people over the head. With the same use as the pool stick and baseball bat, the golf club will come in handy when those uptight golf players push your buttons!


San Andreas just won't let up on the strange beating devices. Here's another one for your fancy - a cane. It will have the same effect on people as the golf club and pool stick. It's always fun to beat people with a device that is supposed to help the elderly and crippled now isn't it?

Pool Stick

The pool stick serves a double purpose in San Andreas. One - for having fun and making some extra cash at the pool halls using your amazing pool-playing skills. Two - beating people over the head with it! Using the pool stick as a weapon is a good way to get your money back, too. If you happen to lose at a game of pool, take the stick out and let all of your anger loose on an innocent pedestrian to replenish your money bank!

Night Stick

This weapon is mostly used by police officers. It is used on resistant criminals, and it packs a real punch. The night stick, usually made of wood, can really hurt. The police will occasionally take a whack at you with it, too. It is most easily obtained by killing a police officer, but you'll also find it around the city and near the police station.


The almighty chainsaw of Vice City has returned! As you mya recall, blood squirted on the screen from victims' bodies when using the chainsaw. San Andreas will hopefully bring much more realistic animations, reactions, and blood squirting for this heavy duty weapon.


The pistol is your generic gun. It costs the least at Ammu-Nation and it is the most abundantly found gun throughout the city. This is because it is not very powerful. It is the main weapon used by police officers so you can obtain one by killing a cop. However, if you don't want to take the risky way out, the 9mm pistol will cost you $200 at Ammu-Nation.

Silenced 9mm

Great for stealthy robberies, the silenced pistol (9mm) will play a key role in San Andreas. Silenced pistols will help the player to sneak through houses, undetected, during robberies.

Desert Eagle

This handgun delivers an unparalleled degree of accuracy and power with a distinctive feel that players will pick up on immediately. Originally intended to be target/sport pistol, players will use this weapon for the immense stopping power the handgun’s .50 caliber rounds deliver to a target—stopping assailants in their tracks, usually with one well placed shot. Because of its significant recoil, it’s almost impossible to hold onto at first. Look for higher levels of skill with the weapon to reduce this effect and yield quicker reloads and accuracy. The Desert Eagle is even deadly when out of auto-lock range, as a proficient shooter can fire in free target mode and still achieve one shot kills. Hold R1 and line up the sights on a target. The benefit of this approach is it allows sniper results with the free movement offered by a handgun.


Pump shotguns also seem like they will play a big role in San Andreas. They are effective and they conserve ammo. Instead of taking multiple shots with a pistol, all you need is one shot from a shotgun and your enemy is dead. Shotguns are great for close combat. They are also useful when you have many enemies to take out. Shotguns can create some nice gory effects as well.

Sawn-Off Shotgun

The sawn-off shotgun is a stubbier version of the normal shotgun. It has a larger spread as well, which can be both a good and bad thing. However, the sawn-off shotgun can only shoot two shells before you need to reload so it isn't a very good gun to use in the heat of combat. But once you max out your weapon skills with it, you can have dual capability!

Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun is basically the same thing as the normal shotgun, but its rate of fire is much more rapid, making it great for quick combat. It has its similarities with the SPAS-12 of Vice City and GTAIII, but now it has a more apt name.


A longtime favorite of gang members on the streets of Los Santos, the Tec-9 is a relatively cheap firearm made with low-grade stamped metal. One of the more interesting new features is that the player can dual wield Tec-9s, evening up long odds in the middle of a gang fight, increasing your respect and power in the ‘hood. Once you’ve upgraded CJ’s weapon skill to the point where he can hold two weapons (Hitman skill level), all you need to do is find another weapon and he will automatically hold 2. All ammo between the guns is now shared, and reloading happens automatically. Rate of fire is effectively doubled, perfect for cases where you really want to kill someone—fast.


The SMG, a popular gun among the gangsters, will probably be one of the most common guns in San Andreas. You'll even be able to carry two at the same time! SMGs, or sub-machine guns, are great weapons for drive-bys, especially with multiple gang members. They are great for close combat and with multiple enemies. These fast shooters will do the job and save some time for you to escape as well.

Micro SMG

This gun is exactly what the name suggests, a micro, or miniature, version of the sub-machine gun. Less effective than a normal SMG, the mirco SMG will be a good choice when you're short on cash. It costs $200 at Ammu-Nation. That's $1,800 less than a regular SMG, so it's not such a bad deal.


Although this weapon is popular among terrorist groups, the AK-47 will be of great use in San Andreas. The AK-47 will be perfect for automatic firing and accurate aiming. This assault rifle is great for close quarters combat. You can easily mow down a line of gangsters with this baby in your hands.


M4-is the modified version of the M-16, the shortened stock and barrel makes it more compact while still retaining the accuracy and power of its cousin. The weapon will allow the player the pinpoint accuracy to target an opponents specific body parts or vehicle tires. One particularly satisfying feature is the ability to target gas tanks. A single well-placed round will cause any car in San Andreas to explode—aim for the gas cap to find out how decidedly badass this new feature is in action. Kneeling greatly increases the accuracy of the M4, try kneeling as often as possible when using the weapon. Even while kneeling, it is possible to roll side to side while holding R1 by pressing left or right on the left analog.

Country Rifle

The country rifle, returning from Vice City, is a great weapon to keep in your line-up of weapons. It is powerful, and it doesn't require too much ammunition. This one shot, one kill weapon will help you mow down your vicimts left and right. The handy-dandy aiming system on the PlayStation2 will be a great use with this weapon.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle we have all come to know and love from previous games of the series returns for San Andreas. This weapon is great for long distance shooting because of great zooming abilities. Expect to see several rampages across San Andreas that include using the sniper. The sniper rifle is also great for some gory deaths such as the breaking off of limbs. Now that is always fun.

Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher is the weapon of all weapons. There's almost nothing it can't do! This extremely heavy duty weapon will be great for taking out pedestrians, cars, and even helicopters. But it definitely will cost you a pretty penny. However, the rocket launcher isn't a very good weapon for close combat, so you better aim far. The best way to use your rocket launcher ammo is shooting down those pesky police helicopters that will track you down when your wanted level goes too high.

Heat-Seeking RPG

RPGs and other shoulder-fired missiles have long had a place in Grand Theft Auto. The STINGER is the next level. Lightweight and portable, this shoulder-fired guided missile system is designed to shoot down low-altitude jets, propeller-driven aircraft and helicopters. The fire-and-forget system allows the player to lock onto a heat source, usually a car or plane, fire the weapon, and begin acquiring new targets before the warhead has even destroyed the first target. To activate, bring up the targeting reticle by pressing R1. Continue holding down R1 and center the viewfinder on the target. The reticle will acquire the nearest target, and then change from green to yellow and finally to red, indicating that you have achieved target lock. You can fire the weapon at any stage of the lock-on process, but the closer to red, the more effective your strike will be. The production, research, and development of the Stinger Missile System is a secret, but intrepid pilots flying over the deserts on the outskirts of Las Venturas have a ton of stories about near misses with the Stinger.

Flame Thrower

The flame thrower has made appearances in the GTA series since the beginning topdown days, and it is one of the most popular weapons in the series. Although the flame thrower doesn't use any ammunition, its gases will have your enemies up in flames in no time. This powerful weapon ensures the death of any victim. However, don't use this weapon while pointing down or even near you because these flames can, and will, reach you!

Vulcan Minigun

This formidable weapon is the player’s best friend. Designed to deliver massive and withering barrages of ammunition at an alarming rate of fire, this weapon is designed for total destruction of the target and anything around it. Despite its massive size and weight, the gun is portable enough to be carried—and fired—on the streets of San Andreas. Police responding to an incident where a mini-gun is in use would be quick to call in SWAT to deal with the menace. An intricate piece of machinery, its belt driven mechanics will turn the barrels even if the gun is not firing, a sound that eerily forecasts the destruction that is about to be unleashed. Hold R1 to spin up the barrel and squeeze L1 to fire.

Fire Extinguisher

It's true that a fire extinguisher can be used for some good, but Carl is no Smokey the Bear. A heavy and large piece of metal, the fire extinguisher will probably serve the same purpose in San Andreas as the shovel - beating!

Spray Can

Spray cans serve multiple purposes in San Andreas. Not only are there taging locations that you must spray to get 100% completion, but it can also be used as a weapon. You obviously won't be killing people with spray paint, but you can spray the toxins in your enemies' eyes to stun them for a couple of seconds. This is perfect if you need that bit of extra time to complete your goal.


Most people are probably aware that flowers are supposed to look nice. They basically have no other purpose than that... or do they? To Carl, they sure do! Not only can you present them to your date, but you can beat people with them! Have fun running around the streets beating up pedestrians with flowers! Really, they silly never see it coming!


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