Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Vehicles

There will be plenty of unusual vehicles in San Andreas, with most appearing in selected locations. Find out about them below:

R.V. (Also known as a Caravanette, Campervan)

While the normal citizen might use this for travelling, we're sure Carl will have a more sinister objective when he's required to use it. Could it be smuggling? It's not known whether you can enter the rear part of the van.

Semi Truck (Also known as an Articulated Lorry)

You can't expect to cruise down a freeway and not see a huge American truck. The attention to detail here is awesome, with realtime physics acting on the trailer. Care must be taken not to jacknife the vehicle. In one mission, the cabin starts off unconnected to the tanker, and Carl must connect it.


No countryside would be complete without the traditional Farmer's tractor. A slow vehicle, but it can manage difficult terrain thanks to it's huge rear wheels.

Combine Harvester

The tractor's big brother. The perfect Grand Theft Auto vehicle, with those massive blades ploughing along in front. Take it to the city and start havoc!

Monster Truck

The giant wheels on this vehicle allow it to cross rivers and manage even the most difficult of terrain. At the tap of the R1 button, four wheel drive is activated and it's turning circle minimises. A very important vehicle for the countryside missions.


Fast transportation courtesy of the Brown Streak railway is possible in Los Santos. Many previews unfortunately suggest that CJ won't be able to drive the train for himself, only board, a-la GTAIII.

Trolley (Tram)

No representation of San Francisco would be complete without a trolley. Although there is no confirmation of whether or not Carl can take a ride on one, what use would the trolley be if you couldn't do that? If you're low on cash or there are too many pedestrians around for a car-jacking, the trolley is a great alternative. With stops all around town, there's no way you can lose.


Jumping aboard the Lawnmower will move Carl faster than he could on foot, but beware of the bumpy road ahead. We only wonder what happens when you run someone over in one of these. Ouch!


Rockstar have confirmed that the Bulldozer's front end can be manipulated by the player with the right analog stick. This allows smashing cars, people and other objects, like the fence in the screenshot shown. Certainly better than the solid fences from Vice City.


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