Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Vehicles

No Grand Theft Auto game would be complete without a wide variety of cars on hand to jack and drive. Just aswell R* are putting a lot of effort into these babies:

Police Car
You're not going to get away with everything you do, so expect a few of these on your tail frequently during the game. Each city will feature its own lettered cars, such as LSPD for Los Santos. Police vehicles in the rural areas will be provided by the nearest neighbouring city.

4x4 Police Car
This police SUV is most likely an FBI vehicle. The polic sign and front grille, as well as the top lights, are barely visible, but they can still be made out. Possibly an FBI Rancher?


All Grand Theft Auto games need an ambulance in them and San Andreas is definitely no exception! The ambulance provides transportation to the hospital in your time of need, and you can even steal one to complete the vigilante missions which will help you reach towards that goal of 100% completion.


The style of the Taxi has been updated and it's now much rounder. The cabbie will also be making a welcome return for San Andreas.


The Banshee will be returning to the GTA series for San Andreas. However, this isn't the same sports car (resembling a Corvette) that we came to know and love in Vice City. This is the Banshee from GTAIII and it's back again for another visit!

The young and wealthy need to cruise in something. Rockstar have studied the era and come up with a flashy sports car with a striking resemblence to a Toyota Supra. Expect it to be named the Supera or similar.

Sports Car #2
The second sports car we've seen from San Andreas appeared outside the Los Santos Convention Center.



Sports Car #3
Here's a sporty car, located in San Fierro, that bears a close resemblence to the Mitsuibishi Galant and a cross between other popular import cars. It's one of the cars which Rockstar use to show off the new vehicle customisation options.

This cross between a Ford GT40 and a Dodge Viper probably will not be the cheapest car to buy in San Andreas, but you sure will earn respect from others. Making its first appearance in the GTA series, this car is perfect for the steep streets of San Fierro.

A cross between a Ford Gran Torino and a Chevrolet Nova, this muscle car will definitely appear on the streets of Los Santos and San Fierro.

This small car is perfect for driving around the crowded cities, and clearly owes a lot to the Volkswagen Golf of the same era.

Down by the beachfront, the Oceanic plays a key role in keeping up the image, just as it did in Ocean Beach, Vice City.

The Esperanto is a Rockstar favourite, appearing in both Vice City and GTA3, and now it's back for San Andreas, pictured here behind a shotgun-wielding CJ deep in gang territory of Los Santos.

Station Wagon (Also known as an "Estate" Car)
No city environment would be complete without the family "grocery getter". Ideal for those days when SavaStore are doing a special offer on Sprunk soda.

Hatchback (Blista Compact?)
Bearing a close resemblence to the Volkswagen Golf in the front (but the rear on this car is much more square), this car will definitely be available in Los Santos. A likely name for it is the Blista Compact, seen in a more dated design in Vice City.

Sporty Hatchback
With a load of modifications, the Hatchback begins to really look like a true street racer. Excessive tire smoke and chasing cops make you feel like you're playing Need for Speed Underground or Burnout, not Grand Theft Auto.

The car for the classy, who're looking for a smooth ride. Definitely not one for the countryside. Possible name: Sentinel.

Sedan #2
This generic sedan closely resembles the Ford Taurus. Although they are not the classiest of cars, they can make clean and cheap getaways.

Sedan #3
Yet another sedan, this car is the mid-class Volvo of San Andreas. It is a bit more classy than Sedan #2, but it is not sporty like the others below.

Sporty Sedan
From what is shown in the screenshot (a blurry, damaged image of the rear), this car mostly resembles a Pontiac because of its lights on the back.

Sporty Sedan #2
Although it doesn't fully resemble the Acura Legend Coupe, that's the closest car you can identify from the screenshot. This car is yet another sedan, but it is a bit more sporty than the Ford Taurus-type vehicle.

The Lowrider is a traditional Californian Gang Car, with its impressive suspension which allows the car to bounce. Players will be able to control the effect with the right analog stick.

This vehicle looked somewhat out of place in Vice City, but it fits right in to San Andreas' rural environments.

The Rancher will return from Vice City, but seems to play a role in the countryside, such as the mission depicted in the screenshot.

Pickup Truck (Dated Style)
Expect to see some 'Old Skool' pickups playing a part in Los Santos. The huge rims give it the 90's feeling.

Pickup Truck (Modern Style)
Modern Pickups will be a feature, with Carl and Ryder using one to get to the Pizza Parlour in the mission titled "Menace".

The army's vehicle of choice from previous games will return in all its extravigant glory for use by those in the rural areas. It's unclear whether the "Hummer" Generation has started in the urban areas.

An important vehicle for navigating the difficult terrain in the high altitude areas of countryside. Twisty roads are no match for this Jeep-like vehicle and it's four wheel drive.

The Sabre, the speedy two seater which appeared in Vice City, is set to return for San Andreas. Pictured is a scene from a countryside mission, where Carl and an unnamed accomplice must steal a fuel tanker from the Dillamore Gas Station.

The Hermes looks set for a return to GTA, this time as a status symbol for the rich in and around Rodeo, San Andreas' interpretation of Beverly Hills.

'VW Bus' Mobile Home
A popular car among hippies, the Volkswagen Bus will have an appearance in San Fierro. Although the name is yet to be confirmed, there is no doubt that this car will greatly resemble the VW Bus. The screenshot also shows that this car could play in a role in the mission involving the Hashbury & Garcia Joint Festival.

The Stretch, a classy limousine, will allow you to ride in style through the streets when it makes its return.

The Voodoo from Vice City will return for an appearance in San Andreas. It will definitely fit into the "lowrider" theme with its hydraulic capabilities.

Red Cabriolet
This unnamed car looks like it's had one careful owner, who knows how to spend their money on expensive valeting services from CJ and the hotel he works for. Acting as a valet is an excellent way to make some extra cash, with bonuses for minimal damage and short times to the parking lot.

The Cheetah is back from Vice City, and is fully customisable! Yes, you can now add whatever bumper, spoiler, hood or roof combination you want, and turn this speedster into an underground racing machine! Remember though, upgrades like this don't come cheap, so you better save up the nickels!

The Sandking (looking very similar to its Vice City counterpart) will return for San Andreas. In the second trailer, it is seen leaping across some of the rural terrain, suggesting its main application will be in these areas, rather than the urban environment where it was found in Vice City.

Infernus (Name Unconfirmed)
Seen screeching under the Kincaid Railway Bridge in the second official trailer for San Andreas, this sporty vehicle seems like it'll pack the punch of a real red Ferrari, and looks strikingly similar aswell!

In one of the fansite exclusive screenshots sent out at the end of September, an old looking Cabriolet could be seen passing under the freeway's "Spaghetti Junction" in Los Santos.

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