Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Vehicles

Due to the vast scale of the state, an important part of the gameplay in San Andreas will be flying through the skies in various modes of transport, this page will give you a better feel for them. Two airports are confirmed: Easter Bay Airport, San Fierro and Los Santos International Airport. There's a good chance there will be another in Las Venturas, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Juank Air Passenger Airplane
For the first time in a GTA game, a pilotable passenger plane has been included. Rockstar gave a short glimpse into it in the August trailer, and it's clear that the height restriction found in Vice City/GTA3 has been raised considerably. Watch for this one providing superfast transport across the state.


The GTA biplane, seen with clipped wings preventing full flight in GTAIII and water floats in Vice City, will return for San Andreas, this time with full wings and a set of wheels for landing on the ground. During flight, the radar will change to a horizon perspective to allow a better understanding of the altitude.



The Cropduster has two massive wings to help it stay in the air. This will allow for better steering, veloctiy and probably even the ability to fly at greater altitudes.





Aircraft #1

This airplane, much larger than the Dodo, would be very useful for fast transport throughout the large map. Although driving capability is unconfirmed, expect to see this airplane in the skies of San Andreas in some shape or form.




'Learjet' Style Aircraft
The transport choice of the wealthy will be a common site in the skies of San Andreas. Finding one on the ground, however, will be a tricky task, but very rewarding if you can complete it!






The Maverick, from Vice City is set to return again, with no differences in its textures or shape. Perfect for getting around San Fierro, they say. How about flying under the Garden Rail Bridge? Try it, you might find yourself on a picture postcard!




Police Maverick
The Police Maverick will be back for a second outing, this time sporting a spotlight which casts a real light. The light can be shot out, but that won't be an easy task thanks to the glare caused by looking directly at it.




Back from Vice City, the Sparrow will definitely be available in San Andreas (one confirmed location is San Fierro). On a rooftop as before, you may have to go searching to find this helicopter.




Everyone's favourite army helicopter makes a welcome return for San Andreas. Expect it to be well guarded abord the Aircraft Carrier that sits alongside San Fierro.





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