GTA: San Andreas - PC & Xbox

Rockstar Games hold an exclusivity agreement with Sony which holds all new GTA titles exclusive to PS2 for many months after initial release. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is no exception, but as this agreement will shortly run out, San Andreas will be coming to PC and Xbox on June 7th! While the game is identical to the PS2 version in every way relating to gameplay, there are many technical enhancements which will allow for a much more engaging experience:

  • The textures used for the PS2 version were scaled down significantly from their original versions. The PC version will include the highest resolution textures ever seen in a GTA game, and the Xbox version will be pretty similar.
  • The draw distance in both of these new versions will be a huge step up from the PS2 version. The ageing PS2 hardware didn't allow for a great deal of foresight, but thanks to the powerful Xbox and modern PC's, you'll be able to see for a great distance ahead.
  • Both the PC and Xbox versions will include a custom radio station option. You'll be able to import your own music and mix it with DJ commentary, news, adverts and other radio related banter if you wish. Alternatively, you can play it without any interruptions.
  • 3D models used for in game objects will also be much more detailed. Those with high end PC hardware will also be able to take advantage of anti-aliasing options to smooth the edges of on screen objects for the greatest looking experience.
  • Much more detailed reflections will be used to provide a more realistic look.
  • Dolby Surround 5.1 will be supported by both the PC and Xbox versions.
  • Rockstar have included a 30-second replay option, and on the PC version you'll be able to save them and send them to friends.

The PC version differs most from the PS2 original. It won't include the mini multiplayer games, due to DirectX compatibility issues. Rockstar are also highlighting the ability to modify the PC version, something which they haven't done before. A dev kit won't be released but we are promised the same ease of modification as was featured in Vice City and GTAIII's PC versions. You can view the PC system requirements here.


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