Welcome to Los Santos - August 2004
Running time: 1:14, High: 8MB, Low: 3.91MB
The first trailer released for San Andreas, in its full length. Watch bouncing cars, a passenger jet, basketball, police helicopters, robberies, and various events in the 'hood'.

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GTA: San Andreas Official Trailer - September 2004
Running time: 1:05, High: 8MB, Low: 3.91MB
The second trailer released for San Andreas shows all three cities and the countryside, set to "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses. See plenty of San Fierro, including the car customisation options and the hilly streets.

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"Homecoming" - October 2004
Running time: 1:13, 9.43MB
Featuring the voice of Young Maylay, this trailer focuses on Carl's arrival into Los Santos airport at the beginning of the game. Set to 2Pac's explicit "I don't give a F**k", this trailer gives a good insight into the disgraceful language that's present in the game.

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Gameplay Clips
Running time: 0:26, 2MB
This short gameplay clip focuses on the interaction of the various pedestrians around San Andreas. Listen to them speak to each other!

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Pedestrians (Clip 2)
Running time: 0:14, 1.43MB
This second clip also shows some of San Andreas' pedestrians, often getting a little too close for comfort. The body animations are pretty realistic!

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Los Santos Railway Line Footbridge Jump
Running time: 0:12, 1.1MB
This unique stunt involves driving up the colourful stairs beside the railway line in Los Santos and leaping over the edge. It's a scrapy landing though!

[ Download ]
Countryside Flip
Running time: 0:17, 1.63MB
Watch Carl perform an impressive flip on his speedy bike out in one of San Andreas' country towns.

[ Download ]
San Fierro Bike Jump
Running time: 0:20, 2MB
Carl gets himself into a sticky situation with the police in the middle of San Fierro's Juniper Hollow, but luckily his speedy motorcycle can escape between a couple of buildings.

[ Download ]
Rural Bridge Jump
Running time: 0:15, 1.32MB
Out in the middle of nowhere, Carl is chased furiously by a Police SUV, even across a treacherous bridge!

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Stunt Videos

Licensed to Stunt
Running time: 4:46, 90MB
A great stunt video created by our forums' very own Ramboy. Although it is mostly composed of getting to hard to reach places, the insane editing and occasional grinds make this stunt video worth a watch!

[ Download ]
2 Wheeler Anarchy
Running time: 4:34, 18.6MB
Created by Woozietrs
A cool video that contains stunts from both San Andreas and Vice City all done on motorbikes, hence the name. The music synchronization could have been better, but the stunts in this video, mostly spins and grinds, make it a must see.

[ Download ]

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