Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Missions: Los Santos

After bumping into his old friend, Ryder, Carl finds out that a local pizza parlour's owner has been removing his friend's graffiti. The pair jump into a pickup truck and head off to the local Well Stacked Pizza Co's outlet. Strangely, before they arrive, Carl decides he needs a haircut, and the pair stop at his old friend Reece's salon. Reece works on the hair, and you then get to select whether you like the style or not. He'll continue until you're satisfied with Carl's look. When CJ returns to the truck, Ryder [seen smoking at this point] jokes about Carl's new style, and the pair walk across the street to the restaurant. Carl approaches the counter and orders "The Full Rack", the largest and most expensive meal available from Well Stacked Pizza. As Carl sits down to eat, Ryder walks up to the counter pointing his shotgun at the clerk. Realising what's about to happen, Carl tries to stop his friend. The attendant isn't dumb though, and pulls out his own weapon and proceeds to shoot in the pair's direction. They run out of the joint, and the mission is over.

Mission Script
Ryder: "Man, what're you doin' here?"
CJ: "Yo, I'm seein' my homie!"
Ryder: "Hey homie - hey, it's good to see you back, man"
CJ: "Oh, no homie love, no hug?"
[They hug; CJ notices Ryder has a gun]
CJ: "Yo, why you armin' yourself, man?"
Ryder: "Man, some liquor store keeps paintin' over my graffiti, man! My writin' is beautiful! Teach the owner a lesson! This is the Families' hood! You down?"
CJ: "I'm always down."
Ryder: "Yeah? Hmmm... let's go, homie."


Looking to gain more respect on the streets of Los Santos, the Orange Grove Families decide to drive to Ballas turf and kick it off. With Carl behind the wheel of his four door car, (likely similar to the Greenwood from Vice City) the gang head off into the depths of their rival gang's land. They spot a gang of Balla members hanging out by a park's basketball court. What follows is somewhat a unique spectacle for any game, not least the GTA series. Each member begins ducking out of the windows, aiming at their opposite numbers, firing at will, all while CJ has to retain control of the car and avoid the return fire. Cleverly, Rockstar have incorporated a new car health meter, showing just how many bullets have been embedded in the framework of the vehicle. After three groups are wiped out by OGF, the cops are furiously chasing them. Retaining the GTA style, CJ drops into a Pay & Spray to get the car's color changed and the dirt removed. A few seconds later, the tail is gone and the gang are free to return home.

Mission Script
Ryder: "I can drive as well as CJ man, I'm tell y - oh, hey, what's up, homie?"
[CJ enters room]
CJ: "Yo what're you sayin' bout me, homie?"
Ryder: "I'm sayin' that east coast make you drive like an idiot, homie! man, you always crashin' cars and shit, and now somehow you back. All it is, is 'CJ driver there, Carl drive there'"
Smoke: "Man, why don't you take it easy, dude?"
Ryder: [To CJ] "Look, no offence man, but you can't drive for shit!"
CJ: "Well thanks, man! No, no, no - say what you really mean!"
Smoke: [To Ryder] "You're such a good gun there homeboy, you gotta ride shotgun. So CJ, what's what?"
Ryder: "Hey, you're right - yeah, CJ, you can drive homie, c'mon."
Reuniting the Families

The leading members of many Los Santos gangs have arranged a meeting, in order to avoid further confrontation on the streets. When OGF arrive at the run down hotel, which will be the meeting place, Sweet enters to represent the gang. Suddenly, a police helicopter swirls overhead, and officers come swinging down on their ropes, firing furiously, landing in the car park below. Stunned members of OGF flee the scene, leaving Sweet Johnson inside, and Carl his only hope of savior. After working his way through the building, shotgun in hand, Carl finds his brother, and the pair escape in a car driven by OGF member Smoke. The car pulls to a halt, and the gang shoots the police helicopter down with their shotguns. Next, the car speeds away, only to be followed by a number of cop cars. The view switches to a first person perspective, with a view out of the window. One officer jumps onto the trunk of the car, leaving Carl to shoot him off at point blank range. Another finds his way onto the hood of the car. As Smoke speeds around a corner, a cutscene shows the path to be blocked by yet another LSPD chopper. A last minute decision by the gang and they've all bailed out of the doors, leaving the car to be smashed up by the deadly blades and the cop on the hood slaughtered.

Mission Script
Smoke: [To Sweet] "Hey, what's up, yo? What's up man?"
Sweet: "Hey, turn that TV off right quick. Listen up fellas - like we were sayin', no more base is the streets."
Smoke: "Finally!"
Sweet: "Yeah. We gon' unite the families once more. The Flat's been pumpin' our guys fulla base for too long while we argued amongst ourselves. Now, all the family sets are gon' meet at the St. Brutus Motel. I say it's time we went down there and made it official; keep that shit off our streets. I'll go. I'm our representative on this one."
Smoke: "Hey, it's all good. Sweet, think you can handle this? I'm down."
Sweet: "Alright - let's roll, homies."


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Missions: San Fierro

The Da Nang Thang

In this mission, Carl meets up with a contact by the name of Wu Zi Mu (or as Carl calls him, Whoozie). Whoozie needs Carl to help him by freeing a group of asylum seeking refugees that are being held captive and for ransom in a tanker out in the San Fierro bay. Carl hops into a helicopter with a pilot already there, ready to give Carl a tour of the bay. Mercenaries on top of the tanker shoot off an RPG and the helicopter goes crashing into the water. Using his swimming skills, Carl is forced to swim and climb up onto the tanker himself. There, stealth is used to sneak up behind enemies and kill them with no witnesses. However, Carl is spotted at one point and a firefight begins. It is Carl's job to get out of there unharmed. At the end of the mission, Carl finds the refugess and shoots out the padlock, setting them free. However, the man who locked them up in the first place is on the bridge of the ship, so Carl has to go all the way back to the top of the tanker and fight the Asion mobster in a duel using katanas. After he is dealt with, Carl hops into a dinghy and rides across the bay.

Test Drive

Carl and Cesar need to steal a few import cars from the local dealership. The two of them steal a car and head to Otto's Autos. Once they arrive there, Carl creates a diversion so the salesman does not notice them stealing showroom cars and driving out the window... of the second story! The mission ends after Carl follows Cesar through the streets of San Fierro and into their newly created garage, "The Hub."



Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Missions: Countryside

Decoy of Death

Hunted by a motorbike gang, one of CJ's friends needs his support. Carl is enlisted to divert their attention, using his friend's Rancher. He must keep his identity a secret, so the decoy is not foiled. Armed with sub-machine guns, the gang chases the jeep through the tight winding trails of San Andreas' countryside, attempting to shoot the doors off to gain a better view of the driver. If they manage this, you'll fail the mission and your buddy will have little chance. If you can keep the jeep's damage to a minimum, your cellphone will ring - your buddy is safe, and you get the $400 reward.


Waste the Witness

Starting at a trailer park, Waste the Witness involves killing an important witness to a crime, who is hiding atop Mount Chiliad. Arriving on a Sanchez, Carl can quickly deal with the police by shooting his SMG from his bike. Hopping off, the witness becomes alarmed and flees in his car. Players must chase the witness all the way down the mountain, until the car is successfully destroyed (using the trusty SMG).



Countryside Mission (Name Unknown)

Deep in the forest, CJ and an unnamed female accomplice start the mission at a log cabin. Aiming to rob a gas station, they hop on their Sanchez and head to Dillimore, a small town closeby. Unfortunately for them, the owner has added bulletproof glass to his station, and the pair's plan is foiled. Not to be outdone, Carl and Miss X steal the fuel tanker sitting beside the station. The pair must maneuver the tanker, which features realistic trailer physics, all the way back through the winding trails, with police in tow. Keeping the tanker intact for a set amount of time will pass the mission.




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