Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Locations

San Fierro is San Andreas' version of San Francisco, California. Expect crisp lighting, with extremely good looking 3D models on show. Glide around the metal clad roads in one of the famous Trolley Carts or get your car upgraded at the local garage, The Fast and the Furious style!

Garcia, on the border of Hashbury, is the turf of the San Fierro Rifa, a gang who don't like Los Santos' Mexican uprising. This semi-industrial sector of San Fierro is believed to have become a majore hub in the internation drugs trade. A hostile territory, which includes the tough Cobra Martial Arts Dojo (more below) and ZERO's RC shop, where you can buy 1/10th scale replicas of many vehicles.
Hashbury is the most peaceful area in San Fierro, with a large proportion of its population being hippies. In the middle of a "Joint Festival" with neighbouring Garcia, expect to see plenty of VW Bus replicas rolling around, and walls emblazoned with multicoloured designs, like pretty rainbows. British fans will notice the prescence of a store named Hippy Shopper, a play on words of UK small store distributor Happy Shopper.
Doherty is an old industrial neighborhood under heavy redevelopment as yuppies and businessmen move in as fast as they can. Home of the Cranberry Station, Doherty may be an important place when you feel the need to skip town, with rail links to the rest of the state thanks to the many bridges that surround the city. Also in Doherty are Pay 'n Spray, where you can get a new paint job for your car to get the police off of your trail, TransFender Body Swap Shop, where you can transform some of the game's vehicles Need for Speed style, and the dirty-sounding Wang Car Showroom. However, it isn't just a play on words, it also hosts the mission "Test Drive". There's also a very suspicious looking abandoned garage in the centre of Doherty, where you'll often spot prostitutes and drug dealers.
Juniper Hollow
Juniper Hollow is San Fierro's residential district, famous for its steep streets and distinctive residential areas. For the passive consumer, Juniper Hollow contains one of San Andreas' famous Binco discount clothing stores, a Xoomer gas station and a Burger Shot. To the North of the area is the spectacular Gant Bridge and visitor center (see below), beneath which sits Jizzy's Pleasure Dome - an "arena for gentlemen's entertainment". Although, we're not sure it's as straightforward as that. Finally, moored off the coast of the area is a suspicious looking tanker, which plays host to the mission titled The Da Nang Thang.
Downtown San Fierro is mainly an upscale business area surrounding the financial district. In the center, you'll find a cluster of skyscrapers, including the Big Pointy Building, an impressive building that becomes narrower as you ascend. Also in Downtown, you can participate in a number of submissions as a Valet Parking Officer, assigned the task of moving people's expensive cars they leave in the street to the underground parking lot. Points will be awarded for delivering them speedily and with as little damage as possible. Similarly, you'll have to take care when driving down San Fierro's Windy Windy Street, a take on the twisty Lombard Street of San Francisco. Finally, stop by the San Fierro Cathedral, in the far North of Downtown.
Easter Basin
Easter Basin is home to San Fierro's docklands area, complete with a Dry Dock and mooring areas for plenty of ships. Seen as an easy route into the State for smugglers, Easter Basin is overrun by criminals, gangsters and of course, corruption. One of the main points of interest is the Import/Export ship, where you can leave vehicles for a healthy cash sum. Different to GTA3, though, you'll have to maneuver the vehicle onto the ship with the crane yourself. We're also looking out for a minigame involving placing containers on the ship's deck aswell. Another interesting part of Easter Basin is the Aircraft Carrier, which aside from being home to Government employed sailors, appears to be one of the Hunter's bases. Gang activity in the area comes from the Vietnamese Da Nang Boys, who are "at war" with the local Triads. Finally, there's a branch of the Xoomer Gas Station in the center of Easter Basin, where Vice City worker Jethro is now employed.
Gant Bridge
Connecting central San Fierro to the Northern part of the State, the Gant Bridge is San Andreas' version of San Francisco's Golden Gate. With a massive span and huge pillars supporting the deck, you can expect to see plenty of traffic - cars crossing it and boats passing beneath it. Also remember to pay a visit to the Visitor Center, because you 'aint been anywhere till you've got the T-Shirt!
Garver Bridge
The Gant Bridge's baby brother, smaller in every way. Still fun though, since we've not seen bridges on this scale since GTA3. Based on the Bay Bridge of San Francisco, it stays true to real life. It's featured on the game's box art in a prominent location below the game's logo.
Kincaid Bridge
The Kincaid Bridge is an interesting new concept for the GTA games. With San Andreas featuring the Brown Streak Railway, they need a way to get their trains from San Fierro to Las Venturas. The solution? A giant steel construction, modelled on an historic landmark in Rockstar's home country of Scotland. It runs parallel to the Garver Bridge.
Get your car modded to the max at Transfender. Here you'll be able to purchase upgrades for your Exhaust, Bumpers, Roof, Wings and Wheels. While you're at it, get a respray into any color of your choice. Careful though, such luxuries don't come cheap, with a bog-standard front bumper retailing for $970. Save the pennies before you come here, then.
Cobra Martial Arts
San Fierro's gym is better described as a Dojo, and allows Carl to get to grips with many martial arts techniques, like the Drop Heel Kick, a fancy move used to "finish" your opponents. The walls in here are traditional Japanese Pagoda style. Red being the colour of choice, of course.
Other Points of Interest
San Fierro is an interesting city, with a lot of things to see and do. Aside from the main tourist attractions and districts we've detailed above, there are also a few more minor places to visit. Firstly, there's the Corvin Stadium, the official home of the San Fierro Sixty Niners (a knock-off of the San Francisco Forty Niners). In Vice City, B.J. Smith menitioned that he played football in San Andreas. Could this be his team? Secondly, there's the San Fierro Medical Center, which we're sure will have a more sinister approach to healthcare than normal institutions.


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