Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Locations

Los Santos is Carl's home town, and also plays host to at least two major gangs - The Orange Grove Families and the Ballas. Based on Los Angeles, California, it stays true to the area with features like smoggy air, gang warfare and wealthy hotspots.

The Grove
Home to the Orange Grove Families, The Grove is where Carl was raised and where his relatives still reside. Many residents live in abject poverty, and buy all their clothing at a store named Binco. It's poor quality, with low end sneakers and plaid shirts the flavour around "The Grove". Expect to spend your first couple of hours of playing time here, attempting to regroup the Orange Grove Families and take control.
Downtown Los Santos is a stark contrast to The Grove, and is a magnet for commercialism. The cityscape is breathtaking, but luckily there are plenty of landmarks to help you around the vast area. Firstly, there's the Doc G Records building, which bears a striking similarity to the Capital Records building of Los Angeles. Secondly, there's the Los Santos Convention Center, which again looks like the building of the same name from LA. City hall is here, but may play the same role as it did in Vice City -- none. Another major part of the area is banking, so expect to see plenty of professional looking people walking around. A visit to ProLaps will provide CJ with some expensive clothing to take his appearance away from the gang style, but will only look good if he's in top physical form. Of course, you'll gain respect by wearing such high quality threads, so it's worth the investment.
East Los Santos
Stuck between Ballas, Vagos, and Grove Street turf, this neighborhood has been contested ground for years. Because this neighborhood contains community basketball courts, a skate park and the towers there is always some gang activity. Control seems to be impossible but desired by all. East Los Santos is also home to the Pig Pen Strip Club, a place that Carl might want to spend some spare time at.
Vinewood is Rockstar's answer to Hollywood, Los Angeles. High in the hills is the famous Vinewood sign, sitting snugly among extravegant mansions, home to San Andreas' noble residents. Lower down is the Vinewood Strip, where you'll be able to visit plenty of tourist attractions, including the Cathay Theater, part of a Chinese-styled area, and the Vinewood Walk of Fame.
The main point of interest in Idlewood is Reece's Barber Shop, where you can completely overhaul Carl's appearance with a new haircut, and while you're at it, enjoy the latest gossip from the old man himself. Head next door and you'll be able to get a snazzy new tattoo, perfect for increasing your street rep. You might want to pay your good (but deluded) friend Melvin "Smoke" Harris a visit, with his home being closeby. However, it's not all pretty looks and exciting conversation. This is fiercely contested turf, with the Front Yard Ballas having the upper hand at the beginning of the game. You wouldn't want to go here unarmed, unless you're good at stopping bullets with your clenched fists.
Ganton is a central location which includes "Grove Street" (see above). It's always changing hands between the main gangs, and is a Watts inspired area. Keep a look out for the famous Ganton Towers, and while you're there, drop by SubUrban, an expensive clothing retailer who sell top brands like Base 5 and Mercury.
Market is an interesting area of Los Santos, not least because it includes the huge offices of Blastin' Fools Records, the "number one gangster rap label in the world". Nearby, you'll find the Verona Mall, where all manner of goods can be bought over the counter. Think about it as a "roof over the street". The final stop on your Market tour should be the Market Station, a bustling, working railway station with trains just waiting to be boarded. You'll be able to get anywhere, thanks to the elaborate network of rails that criss-cross the state, like to San Fierro's Cranberry Station, and beyond!
The hills above Los Santos are home to the rich and famous. This virtually uninsurable area is the perfect location for a robbery, just jump in a removal van, hit R3 and collect your loot. Have a gander around Madd Dogg's mansion, where there's sure to be plenty of musical memorabilia. The famous Vinewood Hills Mansion which featured in the first trailer for San Andreas is also here, and it definitely puts those giant windows to great use. Alternatively, take a break from eyeing other people's possessions and drop by the Burger Shot, where you can try a 100% Organic burger.
Rockstar's way of expressing Beverly Hills comes in the form of Rodeo, with the name based on Rodeo Drive, a shopping area in LA for the rich and famous. Speaking of shopping, there's lots to be done here, but only for those with well-lined pockets. For others, it'll just prove to be another welcome tourist spot. Plenty of extremely large and stately homes to perform robberies on.
The Beach
Based on Santa Monica, The Beach features a huge pier, known as the Santa Maria Boardwalk -- perfect for diving from. An amusement park is shown in one screenshot, complete with Big Wheel and Roller Coaster. Also in this area you'll find the Los Santos gym, which is perfect for fine-tuning your street fighting skills. Rockstar claim that the sand on the beach will slow anyone's footsteps, (or car tires) so escaping from the long arm of the law won't be an easy task down by the seaside. By night, it turns into a huge party area, which often attracts the attention of the local police. Loud music, pretty women and a coastline to die for make this the location you've been waiting for!
The Freeway
No city environment would be complete without spaghetti junction, where all roads merge into one. Luckily, there will be signs on hand to aid navigation, and the freeway won't be nearly as busy as it is in the real Los Angeles. The Freeway is the high speed artery through Los Santos, and joins the city to the rest of the state.


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