Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Locations

Las Venturas was finally revealed in Electronic Gaming Monthly's November 2004 issue. Among the screenshots were snippets of information on the vibrant San Andreas equivalent of beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. It's a different sort of city, read on for more:

The Casinos
Las Venturas wouldn't be Las Venturas without many, many casinos where you'll be able to gamble your money. Games such as Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, Roulette and Wheel of Fortune all make an appearance. However, you can't just jump on the nearest table and gamble your life savings, you'll have to gain enough respect and skill points (in the same way as you'll develop your character in other traits, like swimming or cycling) to be able to play with the high rollers. Rumour has it that you'll be able to build your own casino, although this is unconfirmed and seems unlikely. What is confirmed, though are the names of many of the casinos. Pirates in Men's Pants, The Visage, V-Rock, Caligula's Palace, The Pink Swan, The Four Dragons will all be included. They'll be concentrated around the Las Venturas strip, which you can read more about below.
The Strip
Las Vegas is one of the United States of America's premier tourist locations, and the main attractions all run along a road named 'The Strip'. Luckily, this will be included in Las Venturas, San Andreas, with plenty of casinos, bars, restaurants and hotels lining both sides of the road. Tributes to Vice City cowboy Avery Carrington and adult movie star Candy Suxx are also included, in the form of giant neon signs that adorn the outside of the glowing buildings.
The Gimmicks
If you've played all of the titles in the series, you'll be accustomed to the subtle humour Rockstar like to include in every single element of the game. From the "You're brown bread!" messages in GTA: London to Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts of Vice City, you know that Rockstar are one of very few games companies that know how to make people laugh. Unsurprisingly then, San Andreas will be full of things that'll bring a smile to your face, including the two funny guys seen left. They're Elvis impersonators, and like to loiter on the inside of Las Venturas' many casinos with a few drinks in their gut. But a drunken man is often a disorderly man, so they'll be picking fights every time they get the chance. Not that different then, is the pirate ship show which will be staged in true homage to Las Vegas' Treasure Island Hotel. You've heard the references to pirates in the previous games, so only time will tell what the developer can cook up with a visual gang of rowdy pirates.
Bayside Marina
Although there are no bodies of water surrounding the state of Nevada, the Bayside Marina was added into Las Venturas, San Andreas. However, this location seems closer to San Fierro than the Las Venturas strip, which makes more sense. At the Marina, people can learn how to boat. Although it seems impractical to do learn how to take boat driving lessons, it could play a key role in the game. It is known that visiting gyms and training centers can improve your fighting skills and teach you new moves. Could the same be true for boating?
Bone County
Bone County (naughty Rockstar North!) is home to the World's Largest Cock (even naughtier!), the Big Ear, and the Hunter Quarry. The Big Ear is a massive satellite, probably used for tracking down any trace of life in outer space. This satellite, and the "No Fly Zone" could possibly represent Area 51, an area in Nevada that is restricted for military purposes only. Area 51 is notorious for mysterious incidents including those involving aliens.
Las Venturas Airport
Every tourism city needs a busy airport and Las Venturas is no exception. With over 100 countries flying directly to LVA, it's no wonder this airport is one of the most popular ones in San Andreas. Although multiple airlines have not been confirmed, Juank Air will definitely be on the commercial airline list. These airplanes will be great for traveling throughout the huge state of San Andreas but be prepared to lay down $500 just for a ride to San Fierro!

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