Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Locations

New for San Andreas are vast, open areas of countryside to explore while you're not soaking up the ghetto life. Take in mountains, pastures, forests and even 'wildlife' as you cross the biggest map ever included in a Grand Theft Auto game. It's all very different to Los Santos, San Fierro or Las Venturas, with four times the draw distance seen in Vice City applied in the rural areas. With a great new 'streaming' system, more memory is available for textures and models, with all geometry coming straight off the disc. Twelve small towns are dotted around the map, with various log cabin style hideouts for saving games. Only a limited amount of information is known, but you better read on anyway:

Dillamore is a small town not far from Los Santos. It's one of the only small towns with a police station, and you can expect to spend one of your missions here trying to raid the local 'Gasso' gas station. Unfortunately, your plan backfires and you're left to make off with the petrol tanker, police in tow.
Angel Pine
Angel Pine is a sleepy town which relies heavily on tourism. Set at the bottom of Mount Chiliad, it's not short of fantastic scenery. Look out for the trailer park on the edge of the town, and closer to the center you can expect to see a bakery, single screen cinema, and the all-important liquor store. Looking for an overnight stay? Try the U-Get-In motel.
Locked between San Andreas Sound and Fisher's Lagoon, Palomino looks out towards the bright lights of Las Venturas. Local beauty spot, Hanky Panky point, is notorious as a local make-out location. Popular with young couples and dirty old men.
Blueberry is small farming town at the center of the state of San Andreas which is home to the Fleischberg Brewery. West of Blueberry is a large hill known as The Panopticon, which looks over Bone and Flint Counties. Also in view is San Fierro's own Easter Basin Airport.
Mount Chiliad
Described as "the largest object ever seen in a GTA game", Mount Chiliad really is colossal. Standing half a mile tall, it'll take well over one minute to ascend to the summit in a helicopter. Dirt tracks and streams criss-cross its face, with cliff edges ensuring it is a perilous journey in either direction for those who take the risk of driving up. Don't think you'll make it up in a sports car, you'll need something adapted for that style of driving, like the Monster Truck, Sanchez or Quad Bike. Once you finally make it, the view from allows you too see for "miles around", thanks to new Renderware technologies that improve the draw distance.
You can't go to the countryside and not expect to see the traditional American farm. San Andreas stays true to the area with windvanes, grain towers, barns and haystacks. The addition of 'wildlife' may also prove interesting at one of San Andreas' many farms, dotted around the countryside.
With such a huge area to traverse, people will be looking for somewhere to set down for the night (And drop their data to memory card). Luckily, there's plenty of Log Cabins available for such a purpose, but how CJ turns them into save areas remains a mystery. Dropping by one of them, you'll meet a "Raven haired hottie with a knack for robbery" who's appeared in a previous GTA title, and she's looking to use that knack at the Dillamore Gas Station. (See this mission in detail).
The people of rural San Andreas
San Andreas' huge area means there's bound to be plenty of diverse cultures and intrests, even among the leading characters. Nowhere else is this more clear than the countryside areas, where you'll encounter the stereotypical grass chewin', tweed shirt wearin' rural folk. As a gangland urban type, Carl shouldn't expect a warm welcome when he finally leaves the city and drops into one of the twelve small towns promised, even the police in the country will be more weary of Carl if he's attired in his latest outfit from Binco.

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