Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Unique Jumps Guide by YuGiOhFm2002 and YuGiOhAngel

Q. Why do you sometimes have (roughly x ft) on descriptions?
A. This is to tell you how far I got when I got the Unique Jump to register.

Q. Do I need to push the left analog stick forward slightly to make the motorcycle go faster on every Unique Jump?
A. No, I only mention to push the stick forward on the ones it is needed. It wouldn't hurt if you did it on all of them that you could though.

Q. What Motorcycle did you use for all of these jumps?
A. I used a PCJ-600 for all of the jumps. I would mainly recommend using PCJ's or NRG's for these jumps.

Q. Can you make all the Jumps with a PCJ-600?
A. Yes, refer to question #3.

Q. How do I go fast and farther for a Jump?
A. To make a farther jump you will need to push the Left Analog stick slightly forward to make Carl's head go down to speed up the Motorcycle when you are heading towards the jump to make a higher/farther jump.

Q. Are the Jumps needed to get 100%?
A. No

Q. Are the Jumps easy and fun to do?
A. I would say: About 80 percent of them are easy to do.
About 15 percent of them are annoying because of losing your motorcycle/health on them or just repeatedly having to redo them.
About 5 percent of them were perhaps not very well thought out.

Q. Can I still use this even though I'm not at the recommend spot in the game?
A. Yes, I only recommend to start this at the specific time because that way you have the full run of the map and areas.

Q. Do you have a Gang tags and Horseshoe guide?
A. Yes it is found on, or most of the sites listed on our allowed list at the bottom of this guide.


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