Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Unique Jumps Guide by YuGiOhFm2002 and YuGiOhAngel

You should now be near the flight school building at the Airstrip.

Go to the Southwest part of the runway (go to where the southwestern most plane icon is on the map). You should see on a plane here a wing lpropped up on the top of the plane. Use this wing to make the 41st Unique Jump. You will need to push the Analog stick slightly forward to make Carl's head go down to speed up the Motorcycle when you are heading towards the wing from the snake farm to make a higher/farther jump and land near the runway or bounce off the nose of the plane near it (mine counted from bouncing off the nose of the plane near it).

After you land head north to the little dirt road north of the the runway (the little dirt road you can see on the map above the runway. Head West along this dirt road and turn right when you reach the highway/street. Go along this road for a while and then turn left at the first dirt road you come to on this street. You will come to a rock archway along this dirt road if you look to the South you should see a ramp high up on a rock ledge. Go under the Rock Archway to your left (East) and on your right you should see a wooden walkway leading up to that ramp I mentioned. Use that ramp for the 42nd Unique Jump. You will need to push the Analog stick slightly forward to make Carl's head go down to speed up the Motorcycle when you are on the wooden walkway and to make this jump count you will need to jump the entire river (roughly 430 ft). Make this jump count or you will end up swimming/walking to get another motorcycle.

(Note: The next jump you will not want to do until you have done 44 and 45. I mention it to you because it is along the way to 44 and 45. YOu don't want to do the 43rd jump yet because you will have a pretty high chance of losing your motorcycle on it.)

Drive up the hill to the west and find the dirt road here. Head north on this dirt road until you reach the highway/street. Turn right (East) when you reach the street and turn right down the street after you have crossed the red bridge. YOu should see a wooden plank on the side of the building at the end of this street. Use that plank to make the 43rd Unique Jump. Try to land on the dock to avoid losing your motorcycle in the water.

Go back down to the street you came from and follow this street to the right (East) until you reach the the Las Payasadas area (on the map). YOu should see a gas tanker for the Xoomer gas station to your left and just south of that tanker is an alleyway leading to a blue tarped covered mound of dirt. Use that mound to do the 44th Unique Jump. You can either hit the giant chicken or jump over the giant chicken to make it count.

After you land go to the street that is west of the giant chicken and face towards the south. You should see a rather large building here with a a few steps leading to the balcony to the left (east side) of the building. Use those steps to make the 45th Unique Jump and you need to land right near the highway/street that is just west of the Abandoned Airstrip (roughly 236 ft).

Note: You have now completed all the Unique Jumps in the Desert head for the San Fierro Garage across the street from the train station (Cranberry Station).


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