Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Sideline Missions Guide by LordFrieza

There are four tattoo parlors located throughout San Andreas (one is right next to Old Reece's Barber Shop). Like clothing and hairstyles, tattoo's will raise your Respect and Sex Appeal stats. The types of tattoo's are the same at each parlor with the parlor in Las Venturas being the exception.

To jump to the tattoo parlor of your choice, pick one from the options below:


Las Venturas Parlor

Location: Redsands East in Las Venturas

TattooRespect%Sex Appeal%Cost
Spider (Upper Left Arm)22$72
Cross (Lower Left Arm)22$84
Clown (Lower Left Arm)22$36
Web (Upper Right Arm)22$60
Mary (Lower Left Arm)22$120
Card (Back)33$240
Crown (Left Chest)12$150
Homeboy (Left Chest)22$120
O.G. (Right Chest)22$108
Dice (Stomach)22$108
Dice (Stomach)22$60
Masks (Lower Back)33$720
Cross (Lower Back)33$600

Other Parlors

Location 1: Idlewood in Los Santos
Location 2: Willowfield in Los Santos
Hemlock Tattoo Location: Queens in San Fierro

TattooRespect%Sex Appeal%Cost
Nation (Upper Left Arm)22$50
Grove (Upper Left Arm)22$200
Gun (Lower Left Arm)22$200
Africa (Upper Right Arm)22$200
Cross (Lower Right Arm)22$10
Grove Street (Back)33$25
Westside (Back)33$25
Los Santos (Back)33$50
Gun (Back)33$200
Gun (Left Chest)22$250
Bullet (Left Chest)21$1000
Los Santos (Right Chest)22$1000
Los Santos (Right Chest)22$1000
Los Santos (Right Chest)22$1000
Los Santos (Right Chest)22$1000
Los Santos (Right Chest)22$1000
Grove (Stomach)22$1000
Grove (Stomach)22$1000
Grove (Stomach)22$1000
Angel (Lower Back)33$1000
Dagger (Lower Back)33$1000


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