Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Game Guide by SamuraiRAS


1. Wear Flowers in Your Hair
Well, this garage was a hell of a scam; it's old and busted. Fortunately, your sister has some ideas on how to turn the place into an asset, and with her help, along with that of Cesar and Truth, you may have something.

Truth happens to know a couple of guys that can help, real motor experts. They used to live down in Vice City, until the mob moved in and took over their boat repair business. Fans of Vice City will remember them: Jethro and Dwayne, the drug shipping guys that used to own the marina area. Truth wants to look at the hospital, so go take a look there as well. After that, go pick up Jethro from the garage he works at, then head over and talk to Dwayne; he'll meet you back at the Garage. Now Truth wants to look at the police station downtown so do that and then go pick up Zero, a computer genius that Truth knows.

Now just head back to the shop.


2. 555 We Tip
Time to frame up the DA that's giving Tenpenny such problems. Drive over to the hotel and kill a valet down in the parking area. Take his uniform and money, then head upstairs and wait for the DA to arrive. His car will be the third one. You'll have 2 minutes to drive the car back to the garage, put the drugs in it, and drive it back. The easiest way to do this is to make an immediate right out of the half-circle in front of the hotel, drive up three blocks so that you're even with the yellow dot representing the garage, then turn left and go straight. You should be able to make it to your garage with at least a minute to spare. Pull in and the drugs will be dropped in.

Now, VERY CAREFULLY drive back the way you came and pull into the parking garage. ANY damage to the vehicle will mean you have to go back to the garage and get it fixed, which will basically mean you fail the mission. Park the car in the marked spot, then go out front of the hotel and call the cops. They'll arrive, the DA will be imprisoned, and the mission is over.

REWARD: None, but Valet missions are now available from the hotel, and a valet uniform is delivered to your wardrobe.

3. Deconstruction
Those of you that work construction, please remember not to whistle at gang bangers sisters and girlfriends, because it'll get you killed. FYI. Anyway, the workers at the construction site behind the building have offended you, your sister and Cesar by ogling your sister. Time to kick their asses. Jack one of their bulldozers and flatten the 6 rectangular temporary buildings. They're shown on the map in green, and you need to hit them at a pretty good speed to destroy them. Watch out for any barrels, as they are explosive. During your attempts to destroy these buildings, you'll be attacked by workers on foot and one in a bulldozer. The simplest way to deal with them is to get out of your bulldozer and shoot them, then jack the opposing bulldozer and kill the driver. Problem solved.

After all 6 buildings are destroyed, the idiot foreman will stick his head out and see the destruction. Too bad for him, he just became a witness. Knock the Porta-Potty he's in into the hole near the pipes, then grab a cement truck. Back the truck up to the highlighted spot and bury the Porta-Potty and the piece of shit in it.

REWARD: None, but the driving school opens up.

4. Photo Opportunity
Cesar has been trailing some of the players in the drug smuggling operation, and he wants you to meet him. Drive out to his location, then head to Angel Pine to do some reconnaissance. Once you get there, get up on the roof of the building you park in front of, and get ready to take some pictures. Be sure to zoom in fully and take a photo of each of the four main players. One you'll definitely recognize, while the identities of the other three are something of a mystery. If you've taken a good zoomed photo, Cesar and CJ will talk about the person. Once you have all four people photographed, your mission is complete.

REWARD: Respect earned

5. Jizzy
After meeting with Woozie, you know have some information on one of the guys working in the drug ring, a major pimp known as "Jizzy". Head over to Jizzy's establishment underneath the bridge and meet him. After some conversation, he'll give you a few "dumb muscle" jobs. First, go outside and get in the pimpmobile. Drive the ho in it to a john at a hotel downtown. Once that's complete, Jizzy wants you to execute a rival pimp, and you only have 2 minutes to reach him in Hashbury. The rival pimp is armed only with a pistol, so you can make quick work of him.

Next, you'll need to save one of Jizzy's women from a pair of guys that are assaulting her under a bridge overpass. Again, only one of the two is armed, and that's only with a pistol. Cap their asses, and then get the pimpmobile to a Pay N' Spray to repair any damage.

You're now ready for the fourth part of this mission, the ordered murder of the ho you earlier dropped off at the hotel. It seems her john, an evangelical preacher, wants to take her away from the job, and Jizzy isn't having any of that. The preacher is in a stretch limo, escorted by a black SUV with armed guards.

The trick here is to concentrate on the limo first. I used an MP5 and just pulled up alongside them, but if you've been to driving school you could try using the P.I.T. maneuver too. Once the escaping duo have been eliminated, finish off the guards. Jizzy will tell you to keep the pimpmobile or destroy it; I put it in my garage back at The Garage.

REWARD: $3,000 and respect earned


1. Air Raid
This mission is a bit tricky, but not too bad. The secret is to keep an eye on your radar, and to destroy the enemy planes as far out as possible.

The easiest way to do this is to aim just ahead of the planes so that they fly right into your weapons fire. Other than making sure to watch your back for incoming, there's really no secret to this mission.

REWARD: $3,000

2. Supply Lines
I hate this mission with a bloody red passion. I can't even fully express how much I want to stomp Rockstar in the groin for including this mission, and I thank God that it's not required to advance or I'd return this game in a heartbeat.

Okay, now that that's out of the way, here's what to do:

Basically, you need to take the three closest vehicles as fast as you possibly can, because not only do you need to destroy all three, but you have to return the freaking RC plane to that whiny bastard Zero. Okay, sorry, getting a little worked up.

Anyway, destroy the first three in under 30 seconds if you can, because the other two targets are clear across the map. Go after the closest of the two red dots, which should be a punk on a dirt bike. Finally, go after the remaining vehicle, a van. Once you destroy him, you'll need at least 1/3 of a tank of gas left, preferably more.

"A way to make Supply lines easier is to hit the two farthest vehicles first, because they start fairly close to one another. Remember to spend as little time on the closest of the two as possible to make it easier for you to catch the farthest.
Once that is accomplished you should have 2/3rds of your fuel left and that is enough (for me) to get the other 3 and return with still 1/5th fuel"

3. A New Model Army
This is one of the more inventive missions, and is currently a personal favorite. Basically, you're controlling a radio helicopter with a giant magnet on it, and Zero is controlling a little car.

First off, magnetically grab the bomb next to you and bomb the nearest tank. Do this to the other two tanks. You'll have to listen to Zero bitch and moan, but whatever. Anyway, once those are destroyed, help Zero by moving the barrel in his way. This should be a cakewalk from now on; you'll need to move two planks to make a bridge, and move a few more barrels, but you should easily complete this with time to spare.

REWARD:$7,000 and asset acquired. RC's Shop generates $5,000 every 24 minutes (24 in game hours)

JIZZY (Blue Dot)

1. T-Bone Mendez
Looks like someone is jacking the drugs shipments. You need to track down the hijacked shipment and rescue the material. Get in a vehicle and head over to the spot under the overpass; too bad for you, but the thieves have already grabbed some of the blow and are making a run for it. Get on the bike and chase them down, then machine gun them for being punks. Of course, the irony here is that you've been doing the same thing (ripping off these shipments), but that doesn't matter now. Kill all four people and pick up the packages, then return the material to the pleasure dome. The chases and killings are pretty straightforward, but having a decent bike skill level helps.

REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned

2. Mike Toreno
Great, now these assholes are stealing entire trucks! This time, though, one of Jizzy and T-bone's accomplices, Mike Toreno, is trapped in the back of the truck. Fortunately, he has a cell phone, but the battery only has five minutes of time left, so you need to track him quickly.

The first place to head is the building site in Doherty, just behind your garage.

Next, head just east to the docks in Easter Basin, then over to the airport. Once at the airport, you'll have to use a signal meter to track down Mike's exactly location. If the bar increases, you're heading in the right direction, if not, you're going the wrong way.

Once you track down the van, machine gun the bikes escorting it and any goons that get out of the van. Get out of the car, and a cut scene will play. Destroy the truck any way you can, then get Toreno and T-bone out of the airport. Unfortunately, the cops have gotten wise to what's going on, and you'll need to get to the nearest Pay N' Spray and lose your three-star wanted level. The closest one is due north, near your Garage. Once you've gotten a new paint job, head back to the pleasure dome.

REWARD: $7,000 and respect earned


1. Mountain Cloud Boys
Woozie wants to check out a Triad gang that missed a payment, so drive him around the corner (literally) and check things out. You'll want to have a semi-automatic weapon for this mission, and you'll want at least a gangster rating. I'm just saying.

Anyway, it turns out that A) Woozie is blind as hell and B) everyone in the building is as dead as Courtney Love's sex appeal. As the true magnitude of how potentially screwed you are sinks in, the Da Nang Boys burst in and corner you. Kill them, then head down the alley where a group of DNBs on dir bikes will arrive, kill them, then wait at the corner. There's an enemy sniper, so stay low and kill the nearby enemies, then spring up and pop the sniper in the noggin.

Get into the car in the alley, and head out. The blind Woozie will then attack (I swear to God) the enemies with a machine gun, and do a pretty not bad job of killing them. Help him out if you want, then drive back around to Woozie's place and drop him off.

REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned

2. Ran Fa Li
Looks like the big Triad boss is in town, and he's concerned about the Da Nang Boys issue. He has a vehicle that has a valuable package in it stored down at the airport. Head down there and retrieve it.

Getting there, like most missions, is the easy part. The second you touch the car, the Da Nang boys show up. Kill the guy that comes after you, then head for the nearest unblocked exit. Trucks will pull in front of certain paths, so go a different way; the car can't take ramming them. Once you're outside, pick a direction in the circle and go with it, but stay to the right or left so you can go around the trucks blocking the way. Now, head for the docks. You'll have to fight off a couple of dirt bikes, but a little drive by will settle that nicely.

REWARD: $6,000 and respect earned

3. Lure
Ran Fa Li is a prisoner in Woozie's building, so you'll need to lure away the Da Nang boys waiting outside. Get in the vehicle and drive carefully to the countryside. You won't be attacked until you reach Angel Point, so just prevent damage to the car. Once at Angel Point, drive through the checkpoints. The easiest thing to do is stop after every checkpoint and machine gun the two dirt bikes that will appear after each one. This will reduce the damage to your vehicle, and make the country drive more enjoyable. Remember to not get out of the car, and to keep the Da Nang boys away from you if the doors are destroyed. Head out to the gas station and put in a call to Woozie, you're done.

REWARD: $8,000 and respect earned

4. Amphibious Assault
If you keep getting a message about needing more lung capacity, find some water and swim in it, but do so underwater (press O to dive). Make sure you watch your amount of air as you do this, and after five or six dives you should have enough lung capacity. The more you have, the better off you'll be for this mission.

Anyway, get down to the docks any way you feel like. Once there, hop into the water and swim out to the container ship. Make sure to stay underwater as much as possible, and if you have to come up for air do not swim. Simply float as your air capacity increases. Otherwise, the patrol boats will come for you. Also, avoid the spotlights, since that will also cause you to be shot at from the boats.

Once at the tanker, swim to the far side and climb aboard. You're provided with a knife, but it's easier to just gun everyone down. Head to the control tower, plant the bug, then head back up top.

Shoot out all of the search lights, then hop into the water and swim to the designated spot.

REWARD: $11,000 and respect earned

5. The Da Nang Thang
You thought the Da Nang Boys were a pain in the ass before? well, now there's a container ship full to the brim with them. Time to even the score.

You'll head out by helicopter to the ship, and be manning a mini-gun. Kill as many of the Da Nang Boys as possible, and make guys with RPG's your primary target. Me, I got blown out of the sky and wound up with only a knife.

Swim to the ship, then knife the nearest Da Nang Boy. Remember, stealth kill by targeting the subject, then waiting for CJ to raise his arm, the hit attack. Quick and bubbly.

Grab the dropped weapon and start working your way to the back of the ship. These jerks tend to hide, so work quickly. You'll get a health refill near the middle of the ship. Once to the hold, you'll need to kill the guards, then shoot off the padlock on the container. Be aware that at least one of the guards is equipped with grenades, so when you see someone draw back, rush them ASAP.

Once the padlock is blown off, head back up top and go for the control tower. There'll be one man outside, then two at the middle landing of the stairs. Once you reach the top, it'll be a swordfight with Snakehead, but he's a feeble old man. Hit him three times quickly and it's lights out. Head back out to the refugees and hook up with them for a dinghy and a quick escape.

REWARD: $15,000 and respect earned


1. Outrider
Head over and meet T-Bone at the gas station near the docks. After a heartwarming conversation, Toreno tells you that it's your job to protect one of the new drug shipments.

Drive up the street and get out. Next to the van is a sniper rifle, RPG and a dirt bike. Grab them, then head to the first indicated roadblock. There will be four to deal with, so conserve your ammo. Stop close enough to each roadblock that you can see it and aim easily, but far enough away that they don't start shooting at you. RPG each car, then kill any survivors with sniper fire or a auto target weapon. I used a TEC-9, but use whatever makes you feel like a bad mother. The guys up in the windows will be the biggest problem, but you should easily be able to stay ahead of the van. Once everyone is dead, just escort the van to the drop point.

REWARD: $9,000 and respect earned


1. Snail Trail
This guy is like a bad penny; he just keeps turning up. The upside is that there's a 90% chance you get to kill his ass by the end of the game. This is the thought that keeps me going. Also, killing Zero. But I digress.

It seems some reporter is doing some damage to Tenpenny's rep, and they need to die. Fortunately, they're having a meeting with a source over in Los Santos today, and it's the perfect opportunity for a hit. Grab the sniper rifle Tenpenny has hidden in one of the pipes in the construction area, then head to the train station across from The Garage.

The train will leave, and you should follow it. A fast car or a decent dirt bike will do. The best practice is to get ahead of the train, then get out of the station in advance to wait for the reporter. Once they show, wait for them to get in a taxi, then follow them from about 6 to 10 car lengths away. They're going to head for the Santa Maria pier, so if you lose them, just head that way.

Once they're at the pier, wait for them to get out and meet, then (from a good distance away), blow both their heads off.



1. Ice Cold Killa
That annoying pimp Jizzy has outlived his usefulness. Kill him and get his cell phone. Head down to the club and talk to the bouncers. Then, head over to the scaffolding and use it to access the roof. Head downstairs, then over towards Jizzy. CJ will confront him, but the hit is botched. Kill everyone who gets near you, then chase Jizzy out the door. Hop in one of the limos outside and chase Jizzy, drive-bying him as much as possible. He'll eventually catch fire and either explode or hop out. If he hops out, chase him down and kill him, then collect the phone.

Cesar will call and tell you to meet him at Pier 69.

REWARD: $12,000 and respect earned

"Shoot up the Pimpmobile before you enter the club; he'll then run away on a pizza scooter, and you can just run him over."

2. Pier 69
Time to get rid of the rest of the drug running crew. Meet Cesar down at Pier 69 and climb up on the roof with him. Some of Woozies boys will show up, but get ambushed trying to move across the roof. Kill all of the enemies on the roof, then head down to the meeting location and kill any enemies you find. Be sure to watch the roof and the balconies.

Finally, you'll run into T-Bone; pop a cap in his ass and watch as Cesar joins in. Unfortunately, Ryder jumps into the ocean before you can put his ass on blast, so jump in and swim after him. He'll swipe a speedboat, so grab the second boat and chase him down. Ramming is stupid, so drive by him until the boat catches fire and he becomes a crispy critter. Make sure you're far enough away from Ryder’s boat when it explodes, because I wasn't.

REWARD: $15,000

3. Toreno's Last Flight
Toreno survived the attack at Pier 69, but this time he's the sole focus. He's reportedly downtown at the helipad, so head down there and try to stop him before he gets airborne.

Once you arrive at the helipad, kill everyone in your way and get up to the pad on the roof.

Toreno will take off, and if you're quick enough you may be able to get an RPG round off after him. Most likely, though, you won't. Make sure you grab the RPG before you leave. Head down the staircase and jump the barrier and get onto the motorcycle. Head for the freeway, as Toreno’s helicopter is following it.

Once on the freeway, head south as fast as possible and get considerably ahead of the helicopter. Be careful, as it will shoot at you as you get near it. Set up ahead of it with your RPG, and just wait for it to fly into your crosshairs. Two rounds should do it. Watch as Toreno becomes a burning smear on the highway.

REWARD: $18,000 and respect earned

4. Yay Ka-Boom-Boom
Time to eliminate the final part of the drug production system and kick Big Smoke hard in his Small Nuts.

Woozie has a friend that has a knack for MacGuyvering some explosives into vehicles. Go over and pick up the car bomb near Chinatown, then drive VERY CAREFULLY over to the drug factory.

Kill the guards outside, then any reinforcements that show up. It's easiest to just get out of the vehicle and kill them all. When you're done, head towards the southwest corner of the complex, follow the ramp into the building, drive past, run over, or gun down anyone in the area, and park the car bomb next to the containers full of chemicals used in the Crack manufacturing process.

Activate the car bomb by pressing O, then get the hell out of the building before the 40 second timer hits zero.

Once outside, fight your way out to the gates...only to have them close in your face. Kill anyone near the car, then hop in; it's time to make like Steve McQueen and jump the fence. Run over anyone that gets in your way, then get to the far southeast corner of the facility and gun the engine; the ramp is in a building on what will be your far left side.

You can hit is straight on or aim more for the left side and jump the closer wall, whatever you prefer. If the car gets destroyed, don't worry, another one will spawn.

REWARD: $25,000 and respect earned. You'll also receive a mysterious call, and Las Venturas will become accessible. Head out to the question mark.


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