Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Assets Guide by Menji76 - FAQ

1. Q: Why are some properties not for sale?
A: The game just doesn't want you buying them right now, come back later for them to be open and up for sale.

2. Q: What are the best ways to get money for the houses?
A: My favorite is the Burglar one, park you van next to the neighborhood by the drop off point, and go between to houses, grabbing the big TV, this will give you 20-30 Items and $10000-$20000. You can also do the taxi missions or police, ambulance missions. Once you can bring in export cars at San Fierro, it gets extremely easy to get money, just bring them an Infernus.

-Note- Tip sent it When you go to Las Venturas there is a save location outside the four dragons casino. Save and go inside. You should have about 100,000 dollars. Then go to the black jack table. Play and win money buy pushing square to 'double' the bet. If you lose, reload your save. If you win a lot, save and repeat the process. Play the 100,000 max wager table until you get to the 1 million dollar max wager table. Repeat the process. I went from 86,000 dollars to about 1.8 million in less than 15 minutes.

3. Q: What is the reward for getting all the properties?
A: Just another thing you can say you did. 4. Q: What is the point of the properties? A: To let you save and may allow you to store vechicles.

5. Q: How do you buy property?
A: Go over the green icon and press "L1."

6. Q: How does Wang Cars open?
A: I heard you need to complete driving school and get 70% or better, this makes a lot of sense since I completed it right when it opened and I got the call when I said it happened before.

7. Q: I completed all of the Four Dragons Casino and it never turned into an assset? What did I do wrong?
A: Early on I believed it was an asset, but after completing the game myself I found out that it is not an asset at all.



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