Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Sideline Missions Guide by LordFrieza

In order to do this odd job, you must have a lowrider with hydraulics. The lowrider cars in this game are: Blade, Broadway, Remington, Savanna, Slamvan, Tornado and Voodoo. You can usually find a Blade on Cesar's street, (where the "CV" icon is, on the same street as your savehouse in El Corona, south of Unity Station) next door to Cesar. You can also find other lowriders on this street, parked at the houses. You can also use the Savanna that you used in the mission, "Cesar Vialpando". If you find a lowrider that doesn't have hydraulics, just take it to Loco Low's and give it hydraulics for $1500.

To begin this odd job, walk into the small red marker in front of a man standing near Unity Station (the east side of the station), answer positively, then drive into the red marker to begin the competition. This is just like the story mission you just did and it is even in the same location. You can also place a wager just like last time. This is a bit tougher though, with more arrows appearing. The key is to focus on the beat of the music and bounce along with the rhythm. If you are struggling, try lowering the wager and it should be easier to win.

Reward: Double the amount of your wager


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