Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Game Guide by SamuraiRAS


1. Ryder
Drive to the barber shop (located on the map) and get a haircut. Head over to the Well-Stacked Pizza Company and buy some food (I recommend a salad, but whatever floats your boat). After you order, Ryder will attempt a robbery, but manage to completely screw it up. You'll both be chased out by a shotgun wielding register jockey, so jump in the car and head back to Grove Street.

REWARD: Respect Earned

2. Tagging Up Turf
Time to learn how to tag your turf. 7 Locations are marked on your map. Go to each one, equip your can of spray pain, and press the "O" key to paint over the opposing gang tags. This can take several seconds, so be patient.

REWARD: Respect Earned

3. Cleaning the Hood
Time for the D.A.R.E. portion of San Andreas. Drive Ryder over to B-Dups apartment. Once there, you'll see the results of crack addiction. In order to get some justice, it's time to kick the crap out of a crack dealer and clean up the hood. Follow the tag on the radar to find the dealer. Beat him to death, grab his weapon, then go give the crack house gang members a good beating as well. After that, return to the Grove.

REWARD: Respect Earned

4. Drive Through
Smoke is hungry, and the game needs to teach you about eating, so it's time to head over to the nearest Cluckin' Bell. In the middle of getting some food (and, in Smoke's case, a hell of a lot of food), a Balla's ride shows up and tries to start some shit. Chase them down and let your boys blow the vehicle to hell. There's no trick to this, though if you have a weapon you can help with the drive by.

REWARD: $500, respect earned, Ganton Gym available.

5. Nines and AKs
Have you noticed that you don't really have access to a ready supply of firearms? Isn't this America?! Where the damn guns? Fortunately, the local supplier of cheap, near useless firearms is here to help. Go meet Emmet to get a handgun. You'll also get a brief tutorial on aiming, rolling, and other weapons skills. Pay attention, because this will come in very useful later. Binco, the clothes shop, also becomes available. You'll need some gang colors, so buy something green.

REWARD: Respect earned

6. Drive-By
It's time to reassert the authority of Grove Street. Drive the car into Balla territory and let your carmates do drive-bys on the gang bangers sitting out on the corner. Avoid getting too close to the cars, since the blasts will likely do significant, if not fatal, damage to you.

After you drive by the four groups, you'll earn a two-star wanted level, so drive quickly to the Pay N' Spray for a free paint job.

With the car sprayed and the cops off your tail, return to Sweets house on Grove Street.

REWARD: $500, respect earned, Ryder available to give missions, Big Smoke available to give missions.

7. Sweet's Girl
Sweet calls to tell you that he and his woman are pinned down by Ballas at an apartment complex. Get a set of wheels and drive over there. If you're strapped, jump out and pop off a few rounds into the Ballas, paying particular attention to the guy blocking the stairs.

Head upstairs and meet Sweet, then get down to the car and back to Grove Street.

REWARD: Respect earned

8. Cesar Vialpando
According to Sweet, your sister is making out with some guy named Cesar. He's big into mods and street racing, so head over to a house and get a decent ride, as well as the opportunity to mod the car. This is, for the most part, pointless, since all these cars get beaten to hell when you use them...or maybe I'm a terrible driver. I prefer motorcycles anyway.

Head over to the train station and meet Cesar. He'll challenge you to a hydraulics competition. All you need to do is match your movements to the prompts on the screen. Get used to doing stuff like this, as it's relatively common in the game. It shouldn't be too hard to do.

REWARD: Respect earned, double whatever you bet.


1. Home Invasion
Ryder has a real obsession with firepower, so it's time to rip off some right-wing nut job. Get in the van and drive to the location on the map. Once there, you'll need to head into the house to steal the stuff. This entire mission is just training for the secondary mission of performing burglaries, so pay attention. Remember to move slowly and avoid running into objects, doorframes, banisters, and walls. Doing so creates a lot of noise and will just cause problems.

There are five crates in the house, and you only need three. One is located where you start, against a wall. Two more are located in the upstairs hallway, and the last two are physically in the room where the nut job is sleeping. You've got plenty of time, so just move carefully and you'll be fine. After you grab each box head outside and put them in the truck. Once you're done, drive over to the lockup and you're good to go.

REWARD: Respect earned

2. Catalyst
Officer Tenpenny shows up with information on a shipment of weapons that are coming in by train. If you haven't already, get a decent gun and, if you can, body armor. Once you reach the train, you'll run into a gang war. I parked the car and shot everyone, but running them over is a viable option as well. A second group of thugs will come up in a car; kill them too, then climb into the train. The train is going to start going, so you'll need to toss the crates of weapons out to Ryder in the car. This can be a bit tough, so don't be surprised if it takes a couple of tries. Get as many crates out as early as possible. Once that's done, evade the cops and head back to Ryder's house.

REWARD: Respect earned

3. Robbing Uncle Sam
Ryder, in a brainstorm, realizes that the Army has more guns than anyone else. Clever, isn't he? Anyway, he decides to rip off the Military Depot down at the docks. Drive over there and jump the fence, then kill the guard. However, DO NOT shoot the gate open. Instead, head towards the supply building and kill the guards nearby. Shoot the lock to open the building, then kill the guards inside. Use the forklift to move the four boxes into a line in front of the door, then head outside and move two of the boxes out there into the line as well.

Now that you're ready, it's time to let Ryder in. Go shoot the lock to the gate and let him in, then head back to the forklift and start loading boxes. You may have to get out and help Ryder every now and again, but with the boxes this close you should be able to work pretty quickly.

Once all six boxes crates are in the back, drive to the safe house. You can drop the boxes out of the back to try and blow up the Hummers that will pursue you, but they're not that big a challenge.

REWARD: Respect earned


1. OG Loc
One of your boys is getting out of jail, so go pick him up. Loc wants to go and settle a score with some punk from prison, so head over into Balla territory and visit the house.

After some allusions to guy-on-guy prison action, Freddy, the guy Loc wants to deal with , takes off on a bike. There's a similar one nearby for you to use, so go after him. I was never able to kill him while he was on the bike, but maybe I just suck.

Anyway, if you chase him long enough, he'll eventually stop by some basketball courts. When he does so, gun his ass down, as well as any gang members that might be nearby and try to help him.

After Freddy is taking a dirt nap, drive Loc to his probation job at a local Burger Shot restaurant.

REWARD: Respect earned, OG Loc available to give missions.

2. Running Dog
Smoke has a "cousin" from "Mexico" named "Marijuana" coming into town. Drive him to the meeting. Once you get there, the Vagos will be relatively unreceptive to the idea of giving you and Smoke the dope, so kill them for being dicks. Get the cash.

REWARD: Respect earned

3. Wrong Side of the Tracks
This is tough, but not impossible. Drive Smoke to the meet, then get on the bike provided and chase down the train. Staying just to the right of the first car puts you in a good firing position, especially if you alternate it with moving up so you're at a 45 degree angle to the front right side of the train engine.

By the time you reach the tunnel, only two of the guys should be alive, so when Smoke says to "take the high road", go to the right. You just need to keep up with the train, though you may be able to get close enough for Smoke to take some shots. Once you're back at the same level as the train, pull up to the right side again and let him hose the train with gunfire. with all of them dead, drive Smoke back home.

REWARD: Respect earned

4. Just Business

REWARD: Respect earned


1. Life's a Beach
OG is pissed about his crappy job, so he wants you to help him jump- start his rap career. Get down to a beach party and see if you can get your hands on the DJ Van.

When the DJ talks to you, you'll need to press right on the D-pad to answer positively, and the next phase of the mission will begin.

Oh, it's Dance-Dance Revolution time. There's no special trick to this, just memorize what buttons are where and hit them in time. It's similar to the Low-Rider contest, but with different buttons. Once you've suitably impressed the female DJ, she'll invite you into her van, and then you can kick her ass to the curb and take the truck to the lockup.

Reward: Respect earned

2. Madd Doggs Rhymes
He's got the sound system, but his rhymes are more painful that a kick in the crotch. Time to get some better ones.

Proceed to the house, and follow the instructions to sneak in. Refrain from killing unless absolutely necessary on the way in. You'll probably have to ice the guard in the studio. Once you've done that, just fight your way out. There's body armor near the studio if you need it.

Once you have the book of quality lyrics, head back to Burger Shot and talk to OG.

REWARD: Respect Earned, Detective Frank Tenpenny becomes available for missions.

3. Management Issues
Easily my favorite mission of the game so far. OG is having some issues with some music mogul, so it's time to take him out of the picture.

Intercept one of the bodyguards and kill him, then steal the car. If you damage the car, visit the Pay N' Spray to get it repaired. Follow the dot and meet up with the other 2 guards, and carefully parallel park between them. The other guards will come out, and then drive to a meeting. Stay in the middle of the convoy, and the music mogul and his girlfriend will get in the car. The guards, alerted to your kidnap attempt, will try to ram you, but just evade them and head for the pier. Drive as fast as possible down the pier and bail out just before you hit the edge. Return to the Burger Shot.

REWARD: Respect earned

4. House Party
OG is ready for a party. The game will tell you to get a haircut and some new clothes, but save your money. Head back to the Grove and enter the party house.

Unfortunately, the Ballas have decided a gathering of the entire Grove Street Families gang makes a tempting target, and they're coming to kill you all. Head outside and grab a Tec-9, if you don't already have one.

The first wave will come from the west down the street. Kill them, then prepare for the second wave who will attack from the bridge overpass above you. The final wave will attack from the south and west, so be ready to get shot in the back.

REWARD: Respect earned, gang turf missions available.


I suggest you use a Voodoo for this mission; do not use the low rider that you used in Sweets "Cesar Vialpando" mission, as it fishtails far too easily in turns. Follow Cesar to the start of the line, the just start racing. Get ahead of your opponents as early as possible and don't look back. If you need to, consider having Nitrous Oxide installed in your car for an extra speed boost.

REWARD: $1000, Sweet becomes available to give missions again.


1. Burning Desires
Seems that another gang banger like yourself has managed to piss off Officer Tenpenny. He wants you to grab some Molotov cocktails and firebomb the bangers house. Drive downtown and grab the Molotovs, then drive to the house. Kill any gang members near the house, then shoot out the windows. From as far away as possible, throw one (1) Molotov through each of the five windows. The building will begin to burn. Unfortunately, there's a girl trapped inside, so you'll need to rescue her. Head inside and upstairs. The door to her room is blocked so you'll need to go downstairs to the kitchen and get the fire extinguisher. Do so, then return to the upstairs and put out the fire. The building will begin to collapse, so use the fire extinguisher to clear a path back downstairs and out the door.

It turns out the girl, Denise, is from just outside Grove Street, so follow the dot and return her home. Your chivalrous actions have convinced Denise to become your girlfriend, so treat her nice.

REWARD: Denise available to date

2. Gray Imports
Looks like the Ballas are making a deal with the Russians for some weaponry. Since Tenpenny isn't a fan of one gang getting too strong, he suggests you head down to the docks (follow the dot) and crash the meeting.

Once you arrive at the docks, quickly kill the guard and shoot the control panel.

REWARD: Ammu-Nation opens


1. Doberman
Time to learn how to get into Turf Wars. Get some armor and a decent weapon, then head to the Balla's territory, specifically over to Glen Park. Find a group of three to four Balla's and kill them. You should get a message that "You have initiated a gang war". You'll have to kill three waves of gang members, with time between each wave to grab a health and/or armor power up that should appear. Track down the last guy on your map and kill him.

2. Los Sepulcos
Time to throw the Ballas leader a which I mean shoot him dead. Walk over to the two GSF members, target them and press up on the D-pad. This will recruit them. Once you've done this to both of them, they'll hop in the car with you. Be aware that while driving, if you pass any enemy gang members, they'll automatically drive-by them, and this can cause problems. So, be careful.

You'll have 4 minutes to drive to the rear of the Cemetery, so take your time. Once there, equip an automatic weapon (UZI, MP5, AK-47) and jump the fence. Watch the cut scene, then cut down the Ballas. The gang boss will have a red arrow over his head, and he's wearing body armor, so you'll have to shoot him more than normal. It's a waste of time to attack him with a pistol, so don't bother. Use an automatic weapon and he'll be dead in 5 seconds.

Once you've killed him, your wanted level will be two stars, so hop in the car Sweet has stolen and take off. You can wait for the 2 recruited gang members, but it's not vital. Head north, then immediately east and look for the Pay N' Spray right next to the Mod Shop. Get sprayed, lose the cops, and head back to the grove.

REWARD: Respect earned

3. Reuniting the Families
Sweet thinks it's time for a big meeting of the families, so you need to drive him over to the Motel where the meet is taking place.

Unfortunately, just after he goes in, SWAT vans and helicopters show up to raid the party. Your homies bitch out on you and skip, so you're going in alone to rescue your brother. It's actually not that hard, just be careful near corners. Once you rescue him, you'll need to fight off a SWAT helicopter; be sure to kill the 4 SWAT members that are on the outside of the helicopter, then shoot down the chopper.

Thankfully, Smoke and Ryder aren't complete bitches, and come back to pick the two of you up. As you make your getaway, you're going to have to fight off a number of police cars, as well as some motorcycle cops that will actually jump onto the rear and hood of your car, T-1000 style. Kill the cops ASAP, then get ready for a final helicopter showdown cut scene.

REWARD: Respect earned

Sweet has a plan to take back the hood, once and for all, and he tells the gang members to get strapped and then meet him under the Mulholland Intersection overpass. Before you can do that, you get an urgent call from Cesar, who has something vital to show you. Drive to the meet and get in the car.

It turns out that Smoke and Ryder are double-crossing the family, selling them out to the LSPD CRASH team. With Sweet walking into a trap, it's up to you to save him. get a fast vehicle and head over to the Mulholland Bridge Intersection as fast as possible. Once there, kill the Ballas and then meet up with your brother. You'll talk briefly, then get jumped by more Ballas on foot and in their vehicles. Target them quickly and kill them, then use a high powered weapon like an AK-47 to take out the car doing drive bys on your men. With the vehicle destroyed, the cops show up, and we fade to black with CJ raising his hands in surrender, and Sweet bleeding profusely on the ground.



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