Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Game Guide by SamuraiRAS


1. Fender Ketchup
This is a quick and easy mission; some of the Mafia families have been leaning on Woozie and causing trouble at the Four Dragons Casino. Woozie, impressed by your skills and abilities, offers to make you a partner in the Casino. This means easy money for you, but first you need to help deal with the Mafia threat.

As fortune would have it, one of the Mafia knee breakers has been captured, and you offer to scare some info out of him.

Head out to the strip, but be careful to avoid going on a highway, as that's police attention you don't need.

To scare your victim, try racing up and down the strip at high speed, hand-brake turns, and doing insane stunts, if available. About two or three minutes of high speed driving and stunts, and this guy will give up the information. Head back to the casino and you're done.

REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned

2. Explosive Situation
So now you know which Mafia family has been coming after the Four Dragons casino. It's time to repay the favor, but first you need the right tools for the job.

Head west of town to the Quarry and obtain some dynamite. Once you get out to the Quarry, jack a mega-size dump truck and run over all four strongboxes containing the dynamite. Once that's done, scoop up the explosives. Kill any guards that get up in your grill.

Security shows up and blocks the exit, so get on the dirt bike and follow the 5 or 6 checkpoints to work your way out of the mine pit the hard way. Once you're clear of the facility, head east on the highway and deliver your cargo to one of Woozie's henchmen.

REWARD: $7,000 and respect earned. Additionally, you can now access the Quarry sub-missions.

3. Architectural Espionage
Bit of a tricky mission. First, get some body armor and a decent gun. Then go up the street and beat the shit out of the guy with the camera. There will be arrows over 5 or 6 people, but just jump the one taking the pictures.

Once you have the camera, put away any weapons you might have and then head over to the planning department. Talk to the woman (say whatever you want) and then head upstairs. To cut out some of the back and forth, on the first floor you come to you can find and destroy some ventilator fans. This cuts out some stupid back and forth. Once the fire starts, head up to the top floor and get a good photo of the plans; the game will let you know when you've gotten an acceptable shot.

Draw your weapon and head back downstairs. Kill all the cops you come across and head outside. Hit the Pay N' Spray if you want (to lose your 2-3 wanted stars), then head back to the Four Dragons.

REWARD: Respect earned

4. You've Had Your Chips
First rule of interacting with the visually impaired is not to make blind jokes...they never see them coming.
It seems that the Mob has been circulating some bogus Four Dragons chips in the facility that are almost identical to the real chips. The key difference is that the dragon on the fakes has dark glasses and a white cane. BURN!

Woozie, understandably, is pissed, so it's up to you to destroy the plastics manufacturing facility on the outskirts of town. Drive out there and head to the north side of the facility. Jump on the low wall to the east, then up onto the higher wall and over.

Sneak around the back of the facility and into the main gate. Kill all of the people inside (watch for people up on the catwalk and hiding behind support pillars), then destroy all of the injection molding systems. After you destroy each one, you'll get attacked by reinforcements from the Mafia, so pause after you destroy each machine and kill any new attackers.

Once that's done, just head back to the Casino.

REWARD: $10,000 and respect earned.

5. Key To Her Heart
You're going to need keycard access to Caligulas, so it's time to wine and dine a female croupier. Head over to Caligulas and follow the woman out to the sex shop off of the strip, near Red Sands East. Stay at least 2 car lengths behind her.

Follow her into the shop and, once she leaves, get the Gimp Suit from the dressing room she was in. Head back outside and follow her home, again staying at least 2 car lengths behind her. Park outside her place, and then wait for the other gimp to arrive. He will not be wearing a gimp suit, so keep an eye out for the guy that heads to her house. Kill the real gimp, then ring the doorbell and enjoy the show.

REWARD: Respect earned, new girlfriend. NOTE: You must get her to 30% to be able to complete the robbery missions.

6. Dam & Blast
If the heist is going to work, the power to the city needs to be cut. Head out to the airport and get in the waiting plane. Take off, then head to the drop zone. The corona is fairly high up, so if you don't see it, gain altitude and keep looking.

Once you hit the corona, bail out and dive towards the landing zone. Remember to deploy your parachute. It's not the fall that kills, it's the landing.

Silently kill or evade the two guards, then break into the facility.

You can go all stealth ninja and set the charges on each of the generators and avoid the guards, but that's for sissies. Instead, go in guns blazing. Once the guards are dead, place the charges and head for the exit. Once on the roof, it's time for a GoldenEye homage.

REWARD: Respect earned

7. Cop Wheels
Oh sure, the heist is shaping up, but it's missing a couple of small things, like a viable getaway plan. These next two missions settle that.

You'll need to snag four bikes; I suggest you work in clockwise order.

Track down each of the bikes and steal them. If you can, avoid killing the cops, since it just gets you too much heat. After you steal each one, track down the transport and drive onto the back.

You may wind up having to kill at least two of the officers, or just ram the officers so hard they go flying.

REWARD: Respect earned

8. Up, up and Away!
Time to steal an armored car.

Head out to the fuel depot and go straight through the door as the hummer comes out. Kill all of the guards and head towards the dot. Once you get on the roof, get to the minigun and use it to shoot down the attacking gun ships. Once they're down and burning (make sure they don't crash into you), head up to the chopper.

You may be tempted to pick up other cars, but resist, because you'll have a hell of a time lifting them for some reason. Head over to the truck depot and grab the Armored Car, then fly out to the Abandoned Airfield.

Carefully place the truck in the target, then land the helicopter.

REWARD: Respect earned, helicopter now always available at Airfield.


1. Don Peyote
Truth left a couple of Brits out in the desert. What if they got a sunburn?! They're not used to the desert!

Head out to the last place that Truth remembers leaving them. It's out in the desert, near a small town you've been to before. Take a four-door car. Once you locate Kent Paul and Maccer, take them down to the snake farm. Hilarious hijinks ensue, and you're forced to kill people. Sadly, not Maccer. What a yob.

Once that's settled, drive to the Casino.

REWARD: Respect earned


1. Intensive Care
Rosenberg, you whiny bastard! I should've killed you in Vice City. Ah well, c'est la vie. Rosenberg is in a bit of a bind, so you'll need to get Johnny, a mob boss (remember him?) and drive him over to a meat factory. Sadly, this will in fact save him...I thought I'd get to make him into ground beef. CRUEL FATE!

Johnny is in one of three Ambulances. He was in the "middle" one for me, but it may be random. Once you've found the proper ambulance, ram it or shoot it until the thugs inside get out. Kill them, then take the Ambulance and drive to the meat factory.

REWARD: $5,000 and respect earned

2. The Meat Business
Rosenberg needs to assert some authority, and he takes you as back up.

Drive him over to the Abattoir (Oooh! French! It means "slaughterhouse". Thanks, Mr. Ritz!) Enter the building, then watch Johnny die of natural causes. Seriously.

Kill everyone that saw him die, and protect Rosenberg. If you have the M4 assault rifle, this should be cake. Watch for guys hiding on boxes above you. Once you've killed all the witnesses, drive calmly back to Caligula's Casino.

REWARD: $8,000 and respect earned


1. Madd Dogg
Madd Dogg is a bit upset that his career is an utter disaster, but since you know he's actually gangster (and an opportunity to get rid of the back-stabbing OG Loc) you feel like you should save him. Use the nearby pickup truck loaded with boxes to save Madd Dogg. All you need to do is just go forward or reverse to stay next to him. DO NOT turn the car or you'll probably miss him. Once you've saved Madd Dogg, drive him to the hospital...he needs rehab, not to mention some X-rays after that fall. Oh, drive REALLY carefully, or you'll kill him from the shock.

REWARD: Respect earned


1. Fish in a Barrel
You get made a partner in the Casino. Not much more to it than that.


1. Freefall
Oooh! Vengeance! Mob hits! It's party time!

Head out to the airport and get the corporate jet. Fly towards the incoming aircraft. You'll overshoot it, so whip around quickly and then fly into the corona behind it. Say goodbye to your plane!

Now that you're aboard the target, kill the four hit men and the pilot. If you've got armor, this should be cake. With that done, simply fly back to Las Venturas and land.

REWARD: $15,000 and respect earned


1. Misappropriation
No matter what you do, you just can't get this guy out of your hair.

It seems that he can't keep his activities secret, and now a DEA agent has a dossier on Tenpenny that is going to be given to the FBI. You have to kill them and get the dossier.

The easiest way I've found to complete this mission is to get a sniper rifle and some armor (if you don't already have them already) and then head out to the Abandoned Airstrip. Grab the Jet Pack, and fly to the target area. Land on the hill and get a proper angle on the Agent, then turn his brain into a pink mist. Switch to an assault rifle and charge the location. If anyone else picks up the bag, KILL THEM. DO NOT let them get airborne. I don't know what happens, but I imagine it's a long and annoying chase.

Once everyone is dead, grab the case.


2. High Noon
Tenpenny wants to set up a meet to exchange the dossier. Get some armor, and head out to the meet.

Oh, here's a surprise, it's a double cross! Tenpenny and Pulaski kill Officer Hernandez, then Tenpenny leaves Pulaski to deal with you.

Fortunately, Hernandez jumps Pulaski before he can kill you, but dies in the process. Chase Pulaski down and kill him!

As far as I can tell, until the conversation (from moving cars) between you and Pulaski is over, you can't kill him or even hurt him. So, wait for the talking to stop (and stay close so you can keep talking) and then run him off the road, shoot him, whatever.



1. Saint Marks Bistro
Now it's time for a long-distance hit. Head out to the airport and take the plane. Fly towards the dot that is Liberty City. If you over fly it and nothing happens, turn around and lose some altitude.

Once you're inside the Bistro, kill everyone. Watch for guys with shotguns behind the bar, and stay low.

With everyone dead, simply land the plane back in Las Venturas.

REWARD: $20,000 and respect earned. 2. Breaking the Bank at Caligulas

Time to complete the hit on Caligulas. Get some body armor, this is going to be rough.

Head over to Caligulas, and then go right, towards the employee door. You'll have four minutes to get your team into the building, so don't panic, just work efficiently.

Swipe your card and head inside. Head to the room with the ventilation ducts and toss in a gas grenade. With the power out, use your night vision goggles and head downstairs to the back door. Use the forklift which is down the hall to the right to open the door (drive to the door and press up on the right Analog Stick).

You'll now have 7 minutes to get to the money and back. Use the supplied satchel charges to permanently disable the generators and keep Berkley from interfering. Protect your team on the way to the vault, and while they're stealing the cash. Then escort them back to the to the Armored Car and motorcycles. Once they're clear, it's time for the last phase of the operation.

Head to the elevator and get to the roof, killing anyone in the way. Once you're on the roof, shoot down the police helicopter and grab the parachute at the far end of the roof. Jump off and immediately deploy your parachute and head for the helicopter. I missed it and landed on the ground, but regardless you're supposed to head out to the Abandoned Airfield. You may have to hit a Pay N' Spray if you're driving.

REWARD: $100,000 and respect earned



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