Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Sideline Missions Guide by LordFrieza

You were introduced to this in Sweet's Mission, "Doberman". This is all about taking over territories which are scattered throughout San Andreas. For tips and strategies on how to take over a territory, check out the main walkthrough and look at the mission called "Doberman".

If you pause your game and look at the map, you will see different colored areas. These represent a territory that is control by a gang. The green areas are terriories that you (Grove Street Families) control. To start a war, just go to one of the colored territories (other then green) and kill gang members. This works just like it did in "Doberman". Here is a list of the different gangs and what color they are on the map:

Los Santos VagosYellow
Los Aztecas VarriosCyan
San Fierro RifaBlue
Da Nang BoysBrown

You gain more respect each time you take over a territory. Carl's house will also generate more money each day the more territories you take, so be sure to pick up that money as often as you can.

Sometimes, your territories will become under attack by rival gang members. At this point, the territory that is under attack will start flashing red on the map and you will have to go and defend it or risk losing territory as well as respect. Note, though, that only territories with rival gang territories next to it, will come under attack. So, to prevent from having to defend territories, take over as many territories as you can. To defend, head over to the area and kill as many gang members as you can (by any means). They will appear as dots on the radar once you are close to the center of the area.

You can check your progress (how many territories you have, what percentage of the territories you have, etc.) on the pause menu under Stats --> Gangs.

The best weapons to use for this are the AK-47 and MP5. This is because these are great weapons (though, not the best) and the gang members frequently use these, so you will likely never run out of ammo (just keep collecting them after killing the gangsters). If you are having trouble finding enough gang members to start a war, just drive around the area for a little while and be patient, eventually gang members will appear. For the small area around the Jefferson Hotel, I usually find the gansters on the east side of the hotel by the train tracks, so keep looking around that area. Another thing to try if you are having trouble finding people to start a war with is to reload your game and head back to the area you were searching for gangsters. A couple of times, I was searching for gang members to start a war with and couldn't find them for 20 minutes. As soon as I reloaded and went back to the area, I found gang members almost immediately.


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