Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Game Guide by SamuraiRAS

1. Q: How do I break into houses and commit burglaries?
A: You need to complete Ryder's "Home Invasion" mission. After that, there should be a black truck located in the apartments across from the Gym. It may only appear after it gets dark, but once you see it, get in it and you'll be able to burglarize certain houses.

2. Q: How do I get access to the other cities?
A: You need to complete Cesar's mission. This will allow you to continue getting missions from Sweet. The last mission from Sweet is called "The Green Saber", and completing it allows you to access San Fierro. Completing CJ's "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" mission in San Fierro allows you to access Las Venturas.

3. Q: How do I recruit people in my gang?
A: Target the member of your gang you want to recruit and press up on the directional pad (D-Pad). This will get them to follow you around and attack your targets. Depending on your level of respect, you can have up to 7 members in your personal gang posse. 4. Q: I completed the mission where I have to kill the Balla's boss, but now I can't get any more missions! HELP! A: You need to complete Cesar's "High Stakes, Low-Rider" mission.

5. Q: How do I play a 2 player game?
A: Scattered throughout San Andreas are red two-player icons. If you can find them and have a second controller, you can do certain missions with another player. I don't have a list on exactly where they are, but if you do, e-mail me.

6. Q: How do I stop an opposing gang from attacking my territory?
A: You have a couple of options. One, you can save your game, which will stop the attack. In fact, the game will just wipe it all away. Pretty sweet. Alternately, you can completely destroy the opposing gang. Finally, you can seize any enemy controlled areas that are next to the area being invaded (after you've repelled the invasion) This won't stop the raids, but it WILL stop that particular area being raided.

7. Q: Where's the best place to drive on the "Wrong Side of the Tracks" mission?
A: Personally, I've found the driving ahead of the train and to the right is the best place. That is, at about a 45 degree angle from the front right side of the train. When you're told to take the high road, do so, and then return to your original position when you can.

8. Q: Where are the driving school and flight school?
A: Some are located in other cities, so you'll need to unlock them. Driving school is in Doherty, San Fierro. Pilot school is in Verdant Meadow Aircraft Graveyard, Las Venturas. Bike school is in Blackfield, Las Venturas Boat school is in the Bayside Marina of Bayside, north of San Fierro.

9. Q: Why can't I buy up some of the houses in the countryside?
A: You haven't completed enough missions yet. Until you complete "The Green Saber", you won't be able to access certain areas or purchase certain things. Later in the game, there are more properties that will be unavailable until certain missions are completed.

10. Q: I thought I was all crafty and swam to one of the other cities... but I got jumped by an army of cops, and a 4 star rating for my trouble! What gives?
A: Since you can swim, Rockstar North had to come up with some new trespassing penalties. In previous games, simply sealing the bridge was usually enough to keep people off of the "locked" areas, but in San Andreas they had to up the stakes somewhat. Until these areas are unlocked, you'll be quickly killed by law enforcement.

11. Q: What's the reward for getting all 100 of the tags sprayed?
A: Increased respect, and weaponry. Specifically, an AK-47, Tec-9, Sawed-off shotgun and Molotov cocktails appear inside The Johnson House.

12. Q: How do I tow a car?
A: Get in a tow truck vehicle and use the Right Analog stick to manipulate the connection.

13. Q: Can I extend the ramps on the Car transport trucks?
A: Yes, by using the Right Analog Stick.

14. Q: Can I kiss my girlfriend?
A: Yes, by pressing the L1 button.

15. Q: How do I raise my sex appeal?
A: Buy nicer clothes, drive a nicer car, work out, gain more respect, get a better haircut, find more Oysters.

16. How can I get into the airports without a license?
A From Eric Hass: "Get a car and park it in front of the security both. Jump up on the car, then onto the roof of the booth and over the fence"

17. Q: Are you a dork?
A: Why, for putting in this much time on an FAQ? Yeah...yeah I'm a dork.



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