Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Game Guide by SamuraiRAS


1. Badlands
Well, that could have turned out better, huh? Smoke's double cross has left your brother riddled with bullet holes in a prison hospital, and you in the custody of the corrupt Officer Tenpenny, and without any of your weapons.

Having you driven you out to the ass end of nowhere, Tenpenny has a little assignment for you: kill a witness against him. However, Tenpenny wants proof that the witness is dealt with, so he gives you a camera; use it to photograph the witness' corpse.

You'll want to grab some weapons and armor from the nearby Ammu- Nation. Jack the nearby dirt bike, since this guy is being stashed up on top of a hill, then follow the dot. The area can be a bit hazardous, so drive carefully to avoid driving off the edge of the hill. Fortunately, you can survive a fall from a pretty major height if you're on a bike. Anyway, the witness is out in a cabin, protected by 4 FBI agents. Cap them and the witness jumps in a car and takes off, so you'll need to chase him down and kill him. Having a Tec-9 is very handy. Once you badly damage the car, he'll hop out and you can kill him and take a photo.

Return the photo to the marked spot in the trailer park.

REWARD: None, but Cesar calls and tells you to meet his cousin at the diner in Red County.


1) Get yourself a silenced gun from Ammu-nation
2) Proceed to the cabin, but park your vehicle a little bit before you reach it
3) Use stealth mode and hide behind the trees so that the FBI doesn't see you. Don't kill them unless they see you, because that will mean a wanted level, and your target will flee.
4) Sneak into the cabin, kill the witness and take the photo. With any luck, you won't be heard, so then run like hell to the nearest car/bike (There should be one on the opposite side of the cabin's front door) and go deposit the film. Did this without getting a single wanted star.

Thanks, Ben!


*SPECIAL NOTE* The first time you meet Catalina, Cesar's cousin, you will be able to only do one of the missions. You can pick any one of the four, but then Catalina will be unavailable until you complete the "Body Harvest" mission for The Truth. After you've done that, Catalina will become available for the remaining 3 missions. Also, Catalina is a returning character from Grand Theft Auto III, and you'll learn more about her as the game progresses.

1. Tanker Commander
Head down to the town and pull into the gas station. Catalina will try to rob the joint, but the store has bullet proof glass and the guys inside just laugh at her.

The main plain foiled, you'll need to jack the nearby Semi-Truck cab and slowly back in on the nearby gasoline trailer. Once you do this, the guys inside the gas station will chase you in a car and try to destroy you.

The easiest thing to do is to get out of the cab and shoot the pursuing car until it explodes. With luck, it will kill the two people inside, and you'll be free to deliver the truck to the drop zone. If they don't die in the explosion, the two people inside have a very high damage setting, and take many, many shots to bring down. Body armor is advised.

Once you've evaded or killed your pursuers, deliver the trailer to Mr. Whitaker.

REWARD: $5,000 and the ability to take trucker missions.

2. Local Liquor Store
Time to live out the criminal cliché and rob a liquor store...too bad four hillbilly bandits on 4-wheelers got the idea ahead of you.
As they make their escape, Catalina will kill one of the bandits, providing you with a 4-wheeler. You need to drive as close as possible to the bandits so that Catalina can kill them.

Each one will drop a briefcase, but the easiest thing to do is chase down all three, then pick up the briefcases after they're all dead.

Once you've gotten the briefcases, return to Catalina's mountain hideout.

REWARD: $1,000

3. Against All Odds
Catalina wants to knock over a betting parlor, and she's brought the firepower to do it. She hands you a set of satchel charges (military demolitions explosives) and orders you into the betting parlor.

Head through the door and watch the cut scene, which reinforces that Catalina is one stone cold crazy bitch. Anyway, walk to the right and stand about 5 feet back from the door and throw a satchel charge. If you've done it right, you should see a satchel charge appear on the door. Stand back as far as possible, then switch to the Detonator weapon and blow the door. You may also have to set another charge on the safe. Once it's open, you can grab the cash and head outside. You'll have a four-star rating, so drive as quickly as possible to the nearest Pay N' Spray (Dillimore) and get the car painted. Once that's done, return to your hideout.

REWARD: $2,000

4. Small Town Bank
Nothing like a good, old-fashioned stick up. Catalina will take control and start cracking the safe, all you need to do is keep rotating your targeting over the people outside. You'll probably screw up, and when you do, the alarm will go off. You can kill the hostages, then blow open the ATMs and take the cash. Catalina will lead the way out the back, where you'll have to fight cops on the roof and at ground level.

Once you work your way down the alley, kill the two motorcycle cops that appear and take their bikes. Two more cops will appear to chase you, so follow Catalina as closely as possible. Over the course of the chase, the two cops will die (one will fall into the river, the other will wreck) so just stay alive and the situation will solve itself.

Catalina, of course, gets cornered and caught, so you'll need to kill the cops around her, then get her on your bike and take off to her hide out. Once there, you mission is complete.

REWARD: $10,000


1. Body Harvest
You're just meeting all sorts of interesting people through Tenpenny. Pick up weapons and body armor, then head over the bridge and the mountain to the Survivalist camp. It's easiest to move around the far west side of the camp all the way back to the combine. This way you'll only have to kill the survivalists that are out in the field, instead of all of them. Once you've killed them, jack the combine. You'll be attacked by a swarm of survivalists, but you can just run most of them over and watch their shredded body spit out the back. The exit path is towards the south, so head that way and crush any that get in your way.

At the exit, you'll be attacked by a guy with a rifle in a pickup. I just got out and shot him dead, and then jacked and killed the pickup driver, but you can do whatever you like.

All you have to do now is drive the combine to The Truth's barn at the bottom of the mountain and you're done.

REWARD: Respect earned.


1. Wu Zi Mu
Cesar has found out about an illegal underground street race that takes place out here in the boonies. Find yourself a good, fast car (I used and Infernus with NOS, but it's not necessary to have NOS) and head over to meet him. In the background, you'll notice someone who should be very familiar to all those that played Grand Theft Auto III.

Anyway, all you need to do here is win the race. If you have a car that corners well and is relatively heavy, this should be a breeze. Just try to minimize the damage to your car, and be very careful during the first half since the destruction of your car (like dropping it in a river) will result in instant mission failure.

REWARD: $5,000 and introduction to Wu Zi Mu

2. Farewell, My Love...
Catalina has found a new lover...and it's the guy from GTA III. Anyone who played GTA III knows how this is going to end (she winds up shooting him during a bank robbery, and you spend all of GTA III working towards vengeance), but in a final act of anger, she challenges you to a race.

You don't have a choice of vehicles for this race, and the one you're given, quite frankly, sucks. You'll need to really press your advantage during straight-aways, and try to take as many shortcuts as possible. Also, avoid hitting fences, as you'll usually spin out. I should note that for both of these racing missions, I had very low driving skills due to the fact I normally ride a motorcycle or run, so that may have hurt me significantly.

REWARD: Deed to a garage in San Fierro


1. Are You Going To San Fierro?
The Truth finally has the drugs that Tenpenny wants to use to frame the troublesome individual. Unfortunately, the cops decide to raid Truth's farm!

You'll have 5 minutes to use a flamethrower to torch all of The Truth's marijuana growing operation. Be sure to completely destroy all of the growing areas; you'll know it's destroyed when you hear a beep, and one of the red dots will disappear from the map. 5 minutes is plenty of time, so work quickly and efficiently, and try not to set yourself on fire.

Once you've eliminated the crop, rejoin The Truth in his psychedelic van. You need to make a getaway, but the police helicopter makes that impossible; fortunately, Truth just happens to have a Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) launcher in the back of the van. Surprisingly heavy firepower for a hippie. Anyway, target the helicopter and blow it out of the sky. Once that's done, just calmly drive to San Fierro and check out the new garage.


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