Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Gangs
Gang members have lives of their own, whether they are in action or not. While standing around they drink, smoke, and socialize. If you bring enemies into friendly turf any gang member in sight will instantly join in to help you, if your relation is strong enough with them. Likewise, if you go to enemy gang territory they will all team up against you - and use intelligent tactics. They learn from each encounter, so while the first time you may have outrun your attackers after they shot up your car, the second time they could send members up ahead to intercept you. Gangs communicate with each other and change tactics based on the situation.

"We spent a lot of time getting that level of interaction right and making it unique," remarked Benzies. "We wanted to convey very clearly that the gangs had a certain way of communicating, very definite mannerisms, and yet had to create signs and language all our own that was faithful to the world we're trying to depict. It was challenging, but it adds a startling level of detail to the game."

The Orange Grove Families

Members of The Orange Grove Families wear green clothes. This gang consists of Carl Johnson, Sweet Johnson, Ryder Smoke, and at least five other gang members that are yet to be identified. Carl and Sweet Johnson are two of the most important figures in The Orange Grove Families, trying to avenge the death of their mother and younger brother, Brian Johnson.

Temple Drive Families

This Northern Los Santos-based gang is allied with Carl's crew, the Orange Grove Families. If Carl finds himself in trouble on Temple Drive Family turf, they will come to help him out.

Seville Boulevard Families

This family gang controls the southeast beaches of Los Santos. However, their turf is being taken away by the Aztecas and Vagos. The Seville Blvd. Families' main turf is south of Saints' stadium. Although they will help Carl, like the Temple Drive Families, if he is in need, internal conflict between the families means that Carl can't always rely on them.

The Ballas

Members of The Ballas wear purple clothing. The Ballas, located in Ganton (the Watts of Los Santos), are invading the "turf" of The Orange Grove Families. We also know that The Ballas are responsible for the death of Carl and Sweet's mother and brother.

Front Yard Ballas

The Front Yard Ballas, a branch of The Ballas are the Orange Grove Families' fiercest rival gang. They control Jefferson and much of Idlewood. They are notorious for brutality and drug dealing.

Rollin Heights Ballas

The Rollin Heights Ballas are another branch of The Ballas. Their main turf is in Glen Park, Los Santos, but they are slowly expanding towards Idelwood. All of the Los Santos gangs have their eye on the most "contested" turf, Idelwood.

Los Santos Vagos

Located in East Los Santos, this Hispanic gang color is yellow. They are the sworn enemies of Varrios Los Aztecas, which is another street gang. The Vagos enjoy marking their terroritory with graffiti reading "Los Santos Vagos."

Varrios Los Aztecas

This is an extremely dangerous Hispanic street gan. Violent. Proud. Psychotic. This gang, heavily involved in gun running, street violence, have traditionally been anti-narcotics. They have a long term gang feud with Los Santos Vagos, as well as rivalries with all other street gangs in Los Santos. They have a dislike of San Fierro Rifa. The gang color of Los Aztecas is turquoise.

San Fierro Rifa

Although the company name is not confirmed, outdoor vendors around town will definitely be great places for quick snacks. However, it won't be a good idea to eat the junk food served here everyday - even if you really want to see the sexy cashiers!

The Triads

Not much has been said about this gang so far. However, we know that The Triads are located in San Fierro (most likely Chinatown if you recall GTAIII). The blind Wu Zi Mu is the leader of this gang.

Da Nang Boys

Located in Easter Basin, San Fierro, this Vietnamese street gang is extremely violent. The Da Nang Boys, a practicalloy uncontrollable gang, is at war with local Chinese ("Triads") gangs.


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