Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Features

Although tattoos are not necessary for survival, they can help you out throughout your life in San Andreas. Not only do they look good, but you can also earn a sense of respect from your gang.


To customize a tattoo, you must first find a tattoo parlor. The one in Los Santos is next to Reece's Hair and Facial Studio. Once you are inside, you can select the style and body part of the tattoo. Most of the tattoos featured in Los Santos involve gang names, guns, and women. However, San Fierro's tattoos will feature Aztec sybmols, drug icons, and other "laid back images." In Las Venturra, on the other hand, tattoos will include things like cards, dice, and other casino-like images.

"We wanted people to be in complete control of their characters," remarked Leslie Benzies, President of Rockstar North. "If they didn't like the way he dressed, they could earn enough money to buy new clothes. The tattoo feature works the same way, only the motivation is different. If you were in a gang, you'd get a gang tattoo showing that."


Stay fit or that tattoo is worthless >


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