Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Features

The ability to swim is one of the most anticipated features in San Andreas. This will take the GTA player to a place he has never gone before - the water!

Fun in the sun

You can swim, dive, find oxygen bottles, and more, however, the game is not about swimming, and drowning is still possible. If players take a car into the water, the stamina meter will again come into play, and will offer a limited time to escape the vehicle, through a window or otherwise. Swimming will not be hard at all. All you really have to do is get in the water and you'll automatically be treading. Three methods of swimming have been confirmed - the breaststroke, freestyle swimming, and swimming under the surface. Freestyle swimming will drain ou tyour stamina meter the quickest, but that might be just what you need to get away from the police. However, if you choose to dive down under the surface, your breath meter will kick in, so you'll have to come back up for air (or get an oxygen tank) once in a while. So, what's so cool about swimming around in water? "Aquatic life" of course! Sorry, but you're not the only special one in San Andreas - other people have the ability to swim also. Get ready for fun in the sun with some pesky tourists. Getting out of water is just as easy as it was to get in it. Once you get near the shore, you'll get out of the water automatically. Swimming isn't always fun and games though. The new, interactive weather system can cause heavy rains or even waves.


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