Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Features

Money will be an essential factor in San Andreas. Seeing as Carl needs to eat and move about San Andreas easily, money will definitely come in handy. However, you're not always going to have a surplus of cash, and that's where robberies come in.

Robbing Houses

So, you're thinking "How hard can a robbery be?" Hard. Not only will you have to sneak into a house without having the resident see/hear you, there cannot be any eyewitnesses for fear of a call to 911. It's probably not a good idea to rob a house in your daily clothes. A dark jacket and mask are suitable articles of clothing which can be bought before the robbery at a sporting goods store. Robberies can only take place at night, so your victim may even be asleep. If so, try not to wake him up because homes are equip with telephones just waiting for 911 to be dialed. A new sneaking mode will aid you in doing so. If you complete your task without creating much noise, you will be rewarded. An onscreen meter will indicate whether or not too much noise has been made.


With no more fear of water, it's off to swimming >


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