Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Features

Staying fit is essential for a good lifestyle in San Andreas. Not only will you look good, clothes will fit more easily and you will gain more respect from your gang members and pedestrians.

Staying in shape

Everyone knows that eating effects your appearance. It works the same for Carl. You eat more, you gain more. However, not only will you be obese, you will be mocked by pedestrians and even your own gang members. Also, running away from the cops with a severe case of obesity can never have a happy ending. So, you need to take care of yourself and your body. Gymnasiums placed around San Andreas will help you gain energy and burn off those extra punds you gained at Burger Shot. Exercise machines include a stationary bike and treadmill. Other exercises include bench pressing and "barbell curls." Working out will enable you to run, pedal, and swim faster. Consequently, if Carl is obese, he will be slow at all these tasks. Staying in shape will also improve your fist fights and your ability to complete normal missions (including lifting boxes, earning respect from gang members, etc.). So, be careful what you feed Carl, and make sure to exercise regularly to maintain a steady life in San Andreas.


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