Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
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1UP GTAIV Info - Three Trailers Total

Grand Theft Auto IV - General News | @ 10:26 AM MDT | By Slim Trashman
John Davison on the latest "1UP Yours" podcast mentioned when he went to New York to check out GTA IV, Rockstar confirmed there will be three trailers in total, the second of which releasing this Thursday. So expect one more final trailer in the next three months or so.

Listen To The Podcast (Mentioned at 1:05)

Other highlights of the podcast include:
  • Rockstar's own game engine, RAGE, is constantly being updated and looks better and better.
  • Descriptions on the depth and detail of interiors.
  • Descriptions on the incredible level of detail on the map and life of the city.
  • Comments on the new level of emotional connection to the main character and his depth.

This information is not necessarily new, but it is more elaborate and it is very exciting to read to gain a greater understanding on elements in GTA4.

On interiors:
Garnett Lee: The thing that got me excited while they were showing and talking about it, like not every building has an interior, right?
John Davison: Right, but the ones that do are complete. So it's not like in San Andreas or Vice City where it was basically a box with a hole in it, and you would just go into the area. If you can go into a building, it is the whole building. You can go behind the counter, you can break through the door into the back room [which] has furniture in it, and then you can --
Mark McDonald: Well, and the detail, I was really impressed by it.
John: You can smash the back window.. and anything you can interact with.
Garnett: And there's no loading.

They go on to explain how in the demo, Niko was chased and seamlessly entered a building and ran up through the fire escape.
On unique detail:
John: The amount of art that they put into that game is insane. I was blow away just walking up this street, it had a slight incline and there was a bridge going over the top and you could see the train in the distance. And then there was this diner, and there were people walking around in the diner and a guy came out and his phone rang, and he picked up his phone and he was leaning on something and talking, then he walked around the corner and there was a hotdog stand. None of it looked like generic place art. Even like, going down the street, the asphalt on the street had areas where it had been dug up. You know like in San Francisco where they put those f***ing metal plates down everywhere, and they wreak havoc with your suspension? There was an intersection that obviously had some roadwork done on it, and the asphalt was different and there was one of those metal plates.
Mark: When you're watching him walk around that area, it didn't seem tiled and it didn't seem like it was graphics that had been set up and put textures on it.
John: It wasn't pulled from a palette and dropped in it. This was like a hand crafted environment, where everything looked like the artists had just gone wild.
Mark: The visual difference between previous GTA and this, it's night and day, it really is.
On character depth:
John: The way that the character carries himself, and the expression... I mean I know they've been big in the past on trying to build emotional connection, but now the stuff that they're doing with like body language and stuff like that..
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edgeid Member

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It's great to hear how they were outlining the interiors and the outer world, from their experience.
06-23-2007 11:18 AM
edgeid Member

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cant wait for thursday
06-23-2007 11:30 PM

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