Monday, March 12th, 2007
MAR 12
Wacko Jacko Suing Take-Two - General News | @ 01:53 PM MDT | By Kodo
The infamous Jack Thompson is going through with his threats when he will officially file lawsuit against Take-Two next week. Jack plans to stop the sale of future titles like Manhunt 2 and GTA IV to kids under 17.

The lawsuit comes off as premature and, to be blunt, silly. The ESRB has not yet rated either game, and although they may likely be rated "M For Mature", M-Rated games are typically only sold to ages 17+ or with parental consent anyway. Notwithstanding, the fact remains that nobody knows what GTA IV contains, so how could a lawsuit ban its content? Jack Thomspon even claims that Manhunt 2 is a "castration simulator." I am sure that anybody that knows what castration means does not require a simulator to perform it.

With the upcoming antipated Take-Two takeover of the board during the company's annual shareholder meeting on March 23, Thompson believes his lawsuit will be a threat to the "new" owners and that selling GTA IV and Manhunt 2 will be detrimental to their future sales. This is despite the fact that Take-Two shares have started going up, a sign that investors have an opposing view of Take-Two's future.

Read about Jack Thompson's history of inane censory campaigns, public reprimands, and disputes with the Florida Bar Association.

Sources: Joystiq, DigitalBattle
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edgeid Member

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Woah dude, didn't see this coming, woah...
03-12-2007 02:51 PM
edgeid Member

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I'm really getting sick of hearing about this guy. How is suing Take Two going to stop retailers from selling these type of games to those younger than 17. Take Two has no control over who sells those games to who. Once it gets to a retailer its the retailers job to ensure they are sold to the appropriate customers. All Take Two did was make those wonderful and wholesome games for our enjoyment.
03-12-2007 06:19 PM
edgeid Member

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Jack Thomson:

03-13-2007 12:28 AM

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