Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
PS2 Version of Liberty City Stories Delayed

GTA: LCS - General News | @ 08:01 PM MDT | By JMR
Well, for Europeans at least. Rockstar themselves have confirmed that the European release date of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has been changed to June 23, two weeks after the American launch. Yes, Americans, the release date for the United States stays the same, June 6.

Also, much to my own personal dismay, confirmed in a review in Issue 82 of the UK's PSW, there is no multiplayer in the PS2 version. The only improvements noticed in the PS2 version were slightly better graphics. However, it did recieve a score of 8 out of 10 from the publication, which is quite a good score. Even with a lack of any new features, cars, weapons, etc., at a score of 8 out of 10 (and at only $19.99!), this port of Rockstar's first criminal simulation endeavor on the PSP is worth the purchase.
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edgeid Member

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Doesnt really effect me I guess, I live in New Zealand but it could lead to a delay here aswell. Im not going to buy (at the moment) though.
05-31-2006 09:52 PM
edgeid Member

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slightly off topic= Was the Car Dealership mini-game availabl on the GTA3?
I found that mini-game quite neat on GTA: LCS.

Concerning the delay, if only the graphics improved, meh- No need to get it on PS2 then unles Rockstar makes some cool linkable play like one player plays on PSP the other player plays on PS2 but I guess that won't happen since they confirmed no multiplayer :(
05-31-2006 11:20 PM
edgeid Member

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God damn you R*! Another two weeks?!?! I hate you!
06-01-2006 04:55 AM
edgeid Member

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Aye, i read that article too, shame about the multiplayer, that would've been months of fun if they'd have taken the time to change it into split screen.

Was it Rockstar Leeds who did the PS2 version?
06-01-2006 09:57 AM
edgeid Member

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Apparantly its to hype everybody who aint got a PSP, I fon't care if it has not gt the multiplayer functions, it'll be like playing GTA3 with a different character... I know there IS a new character
06-01-2006 04:32 PM
edgeid Member

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Who didn't see that coming.
06-01-2006 06:09 PM

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