Saturday, November 12th, 2005
LCS Gets Pushed Back. Again.

GTA: LCS - General News | @ 01:33 AM MDT | By rappo
There will probably be a bit of disappointment for those waiting for their copy of Liberty City Stories this week - the game was pushed back yet again, now due to arrive in all countires other than the US, UK, and Canada on December 2, 2005. This is quite a long wait for antsy gamers! The delay hasn't been announced by Rockstar or Take 2 Games, however, and maybe you'll be able to find a retailer that will carry the game on it's previously scheduled delay date of November 18th. Let us know!

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edgeid Member

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I bought my copy of eBay for 25 it's readily available easily of eBay!
11-12-2005 07:22 AM
edgeid Member

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I think you should wait & save money to purchase the Playstation 3 and buy the next Grand Theft Auto instead.
11-12-2005 09:58 AM
edgeid Member

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You telling me to wait another 2-3 years for more GTA?
11-12-2005 11:43 AM
edgeid Member

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I agree with what Chazzer said. If you REALLY NEED LCS, just buy a copy off of eBay, and save the wait. Have it before all your friends! ;)

@ Braderz...They have already began production on the next GTA. I would say it's a 1-2 year wait, MAX.

As for us here in the Americas, we are loving LCS. So do the same, and just buy a copy off of eBay. :)
11-12-2005 03:40 PM
edgeid Member

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Don't wait for LCS, wait for True Crime: New York City. :D
11-12-2005 06:41 PM
edgeid Member

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Australian gamers may have to wait until December 2nd, however, some retailers are still sticking to the shipment of 18th of Nov, being this Friday.

The retailer where I am purchasing from is Gamesmen, who bumped their dates to Dec 2nd, in light of these revelations, yet they are now set back for the 18th.

If you live around Sydney, you might just be in luck to get the game from Gamesmen Penshurst -

Edit - I STRONGLY ADVISE NOT TO PURCHASE FROM EBAY. GTA:LCS from Ebay cannot play multiplayer with GTA:LCS purchases in your country.
I cannot be certain of that, but I did hear it over at the forums.

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11-14-2005 12:56 AM
edgeid Member

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Ahhhh I played LCS this weekend and I love it but the only thing was that it was my friends and I personally dont have the $ for a PSP but I desperately want LCS. I want to know the story first hand and it pisses me off that i dont have the $ for the game and a PSP. GRRR! It was a very good game though. Graphics are like that of GTA 3 if not better.
11-14-2005 11:34 PM
edgeid Member

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As you guys can probably tell, I write the news for this website usually, it's just they don't put my name on it. lol.
11-15-2005 11:16 AM
edgeid Member

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How is this possible when i bought my copy 2 weeks ago and have completed it only yo be informed its delayed .I bought highstreet not internet BTW on Nov 4
11-17-2005 05:02 PM

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