Friday, September 23rd, 2005
SEP 23
GTA: The Trilogy and SA: Special Edition - October 18th - Rockstar/Take2 News | @ 05:19 PM MDT | By rappo
Today, Take2Games announced that they will be publishing Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy for the Xbox and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Special Edition for the PlayStation 2 on October 18th. The trilogy will obviously include GTAIII, Vice City, and San Andreas - all for the Xbox. This is ideal for gamers new to the genre (which isn't a huge population anymore).

However, the San Andreas Special Edition will be a nice treat for PS2 owners that are interested in some bonus features. It probably won't be an ideal buy for current San Andreas owners, but it packs some goodies that may interest people.
In addition to losing the AO for Adults Only rating, the game will feature The Introduction, a featurette documenting events before the onset of GTA: San Andreas. The series of intertwining stories are told from the point of view of several of the game's characters, leading up to a drive-by shooting of Grove Street gang members.

Also on the Special Edition will be Sunday Driver, Rockstar's debut documentary film. The movie follows a low rider car club in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Compton. The movie was directed by Carol Strong, and it brings viewers into the world of The Majestics, a group that customizes cars in South Central. The film will also be released on UMD format for the PSP.

Both games will have an M rating and are scheduled to come out on October 18, 2005. Although the Rockstar Warehouse has not been updated with pre-order information, I'm sure we'll be seeing that very soon.

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edgeid Member

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Cool. I've always wanted to see The Introduction. And this is PS2 only?
09-23-2005 05:29 PM
edgeid Member

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Yeah, that's what it sounded like.
09-23-2005 07:43 PM
edgeid Member

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um..right after it names which games will be featured it says all for the xbox...
09-24-2005 03:59 AM
edgeid Member

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Why don't they ever make these for PC damnit!?
09-24-2005 07:16 AM
edgeid Member

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They're mad at the modding community, thats why!JK... But you could probably find The Introduction on the internet and the other video doesnt interest me at all.
09-25-2005 01:17 PM
edgeid Member

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This is a joke lol.

Rockstar is just throwing stuff at you just to make up for the lost from the AO rating.

And since I keep hearing that lot's of people have PS2 (That's what Rockstar said), they will release a SE.

[ post edited 09-26-2005 07:00 PM by GTT ]
09-26-2005 06:55 PM

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