Saturday, April 26th, 2014
Back To The Streets (GTA3 Stream) - General News | @ 04:09 PM MDT | By Zidane
We're changing it up a bit this weekend, and going back to the mean streets of Liberty City, circa 2001. Watch us play the classic Grand Theft Auto III, the game that helped jump-start the series and earned the franchise a cult following.

Watch Casey and her brother Christopher re-visit GTA3 during this weekend's live stream on Sunday, 9 PM EST.

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It was perfect! I love the PS2 era GTA series! Just one question, (I'm sorry if you commented on that in the video, but i watched partially with and partially without sound) i saw that the controls were the PS2 ones, which PS version is that the PS2 or the PSN on a PS3?
I would also like to know if the best solution for the PS2 version, on a HDMI tv is the component instead of the analog cable.
04-28-2014 03:21 AM

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Thank you!! This is the PS2 (disc) version playing on a PS3. The best way to play GTA3 on a PS3 is with an HDMI or HD component cable, but the game isn't meant for HD anyway, so anything will work, really :)

Thank you again for the comment!
04-28-2014 03:27 AM
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Thank you for the response!

To be honest, i don't own the game on the PS3. The lack of HD, plus the Vice City cuts(i.e. several songs missing, like the Michael Jackson ones), make me feel that the best versions are the original ones.

As for the cables, while using the PS2 on a HD TV, i had problems with the image that was "breaking" (i hope you understand what i mean. That's how we call it at least here in Greece :-P ). So, instead of the analog cable, i tried the component. The result was better, but still... That's the main reason i hope for a HD release of these diamonds!

Thanks again!
04-28-2014 09:05 AM

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I didn't know Michael Jackson was cut from the PSN re-releases... and I think the closest you can come to true HD for these games is either the Xbox 1 version or some graphics upscaler for the PC version. I would truly love to see HD re-releases myself, but sadly it will probably never happen :(
04-28-2014 10:43 AM
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Actually, the iOS and Android versions are HD-remastered. So, they only have to port them to the home consoles. I would buy these versions Day One!!! I'm not certain if the MJ songs are cut from the PSN versions, but i'm 100% sure they are from the iOS and Android versions.

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04-28-2014 12:42 PM

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The soundtrack cuts for Vice City affect the following versions:
- iOS & Android
- PSN release
- Steam release if bought after March 2013 (Older versions will be marked as "Old Audio Ver." in Purchase History)

The soundtrack cuts for San Andreas only affect the iOS and Android versions, the PSN and Steam versions still have the full OST.

Curious enough, the soundtrack cut for GTA III (which came in from PC version onwards) doesn't affect the PSN version, that is the only modern re-release of GTA III to still have the full OST whilst the iOS and Android versions have the tracks cut.
04-28-2014 05:37 PM

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