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GTAG Recommends: End of Watch

Grand Theft Auto V - General News | @ 10:00 AM MDT | By Ash_735
Continuing on with our Film Recommendations to get you in the mood for Grand Theft Auto V, today's choice is from a side rarely seen in a GTA game and that's from a cops point of view, especially one on the streets of Los Angeles, and one of the more recent films out which portrays this very well is 2012's End of Watch:

Following Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Peña) as two ordinary beats cops in South Central LA, the film mixes up documentary style footage (referred to in film as a project being done by Brian) with traditional filming styles and focuses on these two characters as they live out their lives whilst getting involved with some pretty hectic incidents that they get called out to, ranging from children going missing, to a house fire and of course gang related incidents, which leads on to the films main plot of how these two cops become the main target of the local cartel gangs.

There are a lot of shots of South Central LA and throughout the film it touches upon the modern issues certain street gangs face, warring between blacks and hispanics for control of drug pushing, including scenes of a rival gang attack, etc. The main core rarely stretches out of this area as it's their beat to patrol and keep an eye on things, the only times you do see other areas outside of South Central and Hoods is during the personal off duty parts which evolve the characters outside of their job roles, which are done pretty well and tend to be quick to show the amount of time passing between major cases, some of the jumps being a good few weeks at a time.

The style of the film remains pretty consistent throughout and even down to the soundtrack, there isn't much of one in a typical sense, any music you do hear tends to be background music from the radio or blaring music during events and parties, any actual score music is only done in key scenes. The strong point of the film comes from the two main characters and how they pretty much treat each other like brothers, the main focus is their friendship and the banter between the two characters works in a very surprising way, for a lot of the scenes they tend to go by quickly as you feel like you're just watching two mates mess around at work, which makes is enjoyable to watch.

To GTA fans, this is a worthy watch just to pick up on the atmosphere and representation of a major part of LA gang culture in modern day, the areas that are shown, the types of crazy people the police have to deal with in between the more serious stuff, it provides a decent grasp on this and you could very well be seeing some of these areas in modern Los Santos as well as a possible chance of the smaller events being done as Random Encounters.
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I'm enjoying seeing the trailers and other information that you guys come up with for these films. I haven't seen either Crank or End of Shift, but I have seen the ads on TV, and they looked really cool.

Thanks for the tips. I'm always looking to expand the number of movies that I can see, and I am always on the lookout for interesting films that I might have missed.

By the way -- old news, but anyone who hasn't watched "The Limey" is missing out on a big part of the atmosphere of GTA IV.
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thx a lit
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