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GameInformer: What We Found Out!

Grand Theft Auto V - General News | @ 05:19 PM MDT | By victim


From Left to Right: Franklin, Trevor and Michael get ready for a job.

There's a fundamental change in the core design of Grand Theft Auto V - and it's something to get excited about.

Players can now switch between three members of a crew at the press of a button, with each character being very distinct and representing different types of crime in the city of Los Santos. Here's a quick look at who we'll be playing as:

Franklin - The youngest protagonist in V, Franklin's a hustler who works as a repo-man for a shady Armenian luxury car dealership who sells cars to people who can't afford them. He's fit, ambitious and described as the most capable member of the crew. Expect Franklin to get down and dirty when appropriate.

Trevor - A former military pilot and recreational drug user who is the embodiment of chaos. He represents the "do what you want" approach many players loved about past games in the series. In one scene that the GI guys saw, he douses a truck with gasoline before setting it aflame with a Zippo. Pure mayhem is his end-game.

Michael - A retired bank-robber, living a lavish lifestyle in an area known as Rockford Hills thanks to a deal he made with the FIB that placed him in witness protection. He lives with his wife, Amanda, who he doesn't like, and his teenage children, Tracy and Jimmy, who he doesn't understand. You'll be living the high-life with Michael, but don't expect it to be too welcoming.

How it Works:

Players can assume the role of any protagonist on the fly, in both free-roam and in missions, providing that all characters are present on the mission you are attempting. As a player, you are prompted as to when to change characters in a mission, but it is still entirely up to you.

In the mission GameInformer previewed, each character worked together: Trevor flew the chopper, Michael rappelled down the side of a building before crashing through a window and storming the place, while Franklin stood at a sniper post and terminated threats as they arose. Being able to switch between each character lets the player dynamically control how the mission takes place.

Each protagonist has different styles and abilities, though Rockstar haven't touched on this any further just yet.


GameInformer didn't cover too much about the locale that we didn't already know, but it's said to be larger than the combination of the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and San Andreas. In other words, it's pretty large.

The City of Los Santos and its Surroundings:

Rockstar have decided to return to San Andreas, but instead of having multiple cities this time, they've drawn the line and have managed to create a rendition of Los Angeles that truly does the city justice. Rather than making smaller "sketchlike cities," Los Santos now offers the full-package in a way it never did previously.

Rockstar took over a 250,000 photos when researching the location, as well as utilizing census data to get the most accurate depiction of Los Angeles possible.

Mt. Chiliad is back and it's surrounded by thick wilderness that stretches from a desolate desert to wine country. Los Santos is still the epicenter of the game, both geographically and culturally speaking. There's also a military base hidden somewhere out there, so expect to break into that at some point.

There's a lot of new interiors as well, with particular emphasis on the description of a convenience store named 24/7 - albeit only for the sake of explanation. In the scheme of things, the 24-7 is a small part of the world, yet it is fully detailed, all the way down to the cigarette packets and magazines on the shelf.

Oh, and bring your scuba gear, because there's a fully-explorable ocean.


There's no exhaustive list of specific vehicles yet. What we do know is how many vehicle types there are: in addition to all the cars, trucks, motorbikes and helicopters we all love, look out for BMX's, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Planes, ATV's and Jet Ski's to name only a few.

Many vehicles are open from the start of the game - for example, due to Trevor's ex-profession as a pilot we won't have to worry about going through flight school and all the planes will be open from the very beginning. Sounds fun, right?

GTA V apparently has more vehicles than any other GTA game to date, which is an awful lot.


There's a lot of new stuff on offer in the GI article that doesn't necessarily relate to any of the above categories, I'll sum it up quickly for you:

  • There are a lot of 'Three Leaf Clover' type heists in the game.
  • Unfortunately, the in-depth character customization seen in San Andreas has been left out again.
  • Tennis, yoga, triathlons, base-jumping and a fully-formed game of golf are just some examples of mini-games you'll be playing.
  • A selection of characters from IV and its Episodes are said to return but Niko won't be one of them.
  • Property isn't back, but there's apparently plenty more to buy than there was in previous games, though what these are remains unknown.
  • You can have casual encounters with NPC's of the world, this includes simple things like flipping the bird or having a chat.
  • NPC's are much more lively, and a lot of them are fully mo-capped for added realism.
  • Red Dead Redemption-esque dynamic missions return: this could include anything from muggings to hitch-hiker's, and there's even one which involves two abandoned cars and a load of dead people (No Country For Old Men style).
  • Your phone can access the internet now.
  • Like IV, there isn't any celebrity voice-talent among the main characters.

GameInformer is available now digitally if you wish to know much, much more.

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Great job on the article.
11-08-2012 06:02 PM
Registered User

Registered: Jan 2008
Posts: 248
Nice work.

I'm very excited to play this game. All of the new characters sound great especially Michael and Trevor and I can't wait to dig into the sidemissions!

Also please support Game Informer. I know we all like free shit but let's be cool to one another, yeah?
11-08-2012 06:44 PM
Registered User

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SOLD!!!! Let's get this game out already!
11-08-2012 08:06 PM
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I have lot of mixed feelings about the new game. We'll see as it comes along
11-08-2012 09:04 PM
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I am with dokujitsu. This is the first time where I am not wetting my pants from day 1 for GTA. Worrying thing is, I was before this reveal.

Reasons for my worry is multiple playable characters might take immersion away and I really thought Rockstar would laser focus on character development. You lose the sense of connection when you are controlling three of them. Switching on the fly nonetheless.

I guess they just wanted to bring back the fun and variety but honestly this seems like bit of a gimmicky way of doing it.

However after many years of epicness from Rockstar on this franchise, least I can do is to trust them that this is the way to take it forward.

[ post edited 11-09-2012 05:20 PM by masteratt ]
11-09-2012 05:19 PM

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can't they release it now
i don't care if it got alot of bugs!!
11-09-2012 06:35 PM
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masterratt, that is the exact same feeling i have! i am 100% with you, on that one. I am also afraid, that in missions that you choose the character you play the mission with, you will lose the experience of doing it with the other characters. It's not like the "Three Leaf Clover" mission, because there, you played the same mission three times, each time with a different character, so you know how Niko, Johhny and Luis escaped from that one. If i understood correctly, now i might fly the helicopter and lose the shooting experience, or shoot the enemies, and lose the experience of flying until we escape the danger.

Another concern, is the background music. Although i loved it in RDR and Canis Canem Edit( or Bully), i don't think it fits in a game like GTA. I mean, we have all the noise and the sounds of the environment, or the in-vehicle radio stations. I wouldn't like all these to be "ruined" by the background music.

We'll have to wait and see, how will all these things get "attached" to the game. But i believe and hope that R* won't dissapoint us. Actually, they never have!

[ post edited 11-10-2012 09:48 AM by paoan013 ]
11-10-2012 09:47 AM
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I was hoping all the multiple character rumors were not true. Oh well. Planes and countryside are back, for me thats probably going to be the biggest improvement over 4, and hopefully improved car physics, less sluggish cars with some pep in their step.
11-10-2012 06:17 PM
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So with multiple protagonsts does this mean an end to the Stories/Episodes style DLC?
11-10-2012 07:55 PM

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