Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
AUG 14
Red Dead Desert '12 available for download

Grand Theft Auto IV - Modifications | @ 11:00 AM MDT | By rappo
Last year, Grand Theft Auto community modder stilldre released a mod that put a desert landscape you'd expect from Red Dead Redemption smack in Liberty City.

This year, the map got a complete revamp with plenty of different areas including a cavernous mountain, oil refinery, airfield, traffic paths, and more. Take a look at the screenshots and video below:

Still in "public beta" version, the author still has some updates planned, including the addition of vegetation around the map. The current version is still worth downloading though, and it's available now at GTA4-Mods.com.
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that map looks awesome!!! I haven't played RDR, is any of this map imported, or is it all from scratch?

wish I had the PC version. I guess I'll have to wait for 5 to drive in the countryside. I just hope the cars have enough power to get up hills quickly, I don't care about realism in such circumstances (or most really)
08-14-2012 07:58 PM
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it's built in cityscape and 3DS max, not imported from RDR
08-15-2012 12:01 AM
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thats what I hated most too in GTA4 was no countryside, I miss it from GTASA

mods like this are a welcome addition.
08-15-2012 11:54 PM
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This guy is a remarkably bad driver.
08-16-2012 12:58 PM
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Awesome! I just got some Microsoft Points for free from http://freemicrosoftpointsgen.com/win/
08-21-2012 02:24 PM
alyissa ramon
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Registered: Aug 2012
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how do u od the play station 3?
08-22-2012 01:31 PM
alyissa ramon
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Registered: Aug 2012
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my cousin tried it and he couldnt download it to his ps3
08-22-2012 01:32 PM
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^ Because it's not meant for ps3
08-30-2012 06:33 AM

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i have seen that shit on youtube and now you posting it here?!

please stop
09-08-2012 07:42 PM

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