Monday, February 6th, 2012
FEB 06
New Advertising Council Update - General News | @ 02:05 PM MDT | By Ash_735

The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas is back with a new update! Ten commercials from previous Grand Theft Auto games have been added including such classics as "" and "The Epsilon Program", full list of added commercials is below:

Vice City, 1984
- Fast-Forward In-Vehicle Audio - The future of music is the audio cassette! Can you handle it?

- Imponte Insurrection Turbo XRZ5X2 - Shift into awesome.

Vice City, 1986
- Complete the Look: Ambiguous - Highlighted hair? Vacant brain-dead look in your eyes? Something still missing?

San Andreas, 1992
- The Epsilon Program: Covet No Longer (as heard below) - The Epsilon Program seeks out the convenient bits from every faith to create a religion that is uniquely American.

- Ammunation: Make My Day Mondays Sale - It is vital to protect yourself. DO IT. The patriotic way.

- PSA: Bikes Are Dangerous - Teenage years can be difficult and dangerous. Don’t make them deadly. Don’t let your teenager ride a bicycle.

- ICE Diamonds - Chill that bitch out. With ICE.

- See Mike Andrews LIVE - He’s changed millions of lives with his book “Rags are Riches”, now see him speaking live at the Los Santos Convention Center.

Liberty City, 1998
- Chateau de Buff - The continental, sophisticated and oh so European way to get her sh*tfaced and ready.

Liberty City, 2001
- Would You Like a Kitten? - Have one delivered! Just log on to
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