Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
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Call of Duty bigger than Grand Theft Auto says Pachter - General News | @ 08:20 AM MDT | By Ash_735
Well known gaming analyst Michael Pachter has gone on record to say that currently in gaming, Call of Duty is now bigger than Jesus Grand Theft Auto, he went on to tell Industry Gamers:
"Call of Duty is bigger, and GTA will not maintain its position as the world's biggest mainstream franchise,

The main difference, of course, is that Rockstar takes its time with GTA, releasing one title every few years, whereas Activision has managed to successfully annualize Call of Duty and sell a boatload with every new iteration. That's kept Call of Duty top of mind with many gamers. While GTA might sell 25 million every four years, Call of Duty can sell 20 million essentially every year (at least for now).

Eventually, Call of Duty may suffer from fatigue, and GTA could keep chugging along, but it will be 8 years before we can make that call,"
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Thing is GTA isn't the same rehashed game each year. GTA has always been a story driven game geared towards single player. Also it doesn't take a genius to figure out that GTA releases a title every 2-3 years instead of COD which seem to release a new title every 6 months. For me, I always go quality over quantity and in my opinion COD is just rehashed garbage year and year out.
09-21-2011 09:55 AM
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Call of Duty has had the EXACT same graphics for the last 5 titles, including MW3. They believe in quantity over quality, and that's their loss. And to be honest, the Killstreaks have ruined it for me. I'm all for Battlefield now and I'm totally sure that GTA V will be on everyone's minds as soon as some solid information surfaces.
09-21-2011 02:06 PM
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I agree with both of you, and one thing I'd like to add is that with GTA, you really don't know what to expect sometimes with how drastically it changes from game to game, but you know it'll be good and you'll enjoy it.
An example would be how drastic the changes from VC to SA were, or SA/LCS/VCS to GTA IV. They share the same core element, but that's about it. With CoD, it the sequels share the same core elements, details, and about 99% of the gameplay features from the last game.
It's getting to the point where the sequels give less content than map packs.
09-21-2011 03:07 PM
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Well the discussion is more about the market, in which case I agree with the guy in the news (Patcher).
He also addresses what you guys said about CoD being yearly and Rockstar taking it's time. But quality over quantity isn't really the way to lead the market.

GTA4 disappointed some fans (fyi: not me), like it or not, and GTA franchise has majorly gone out of mainstream minds now.

Knowing Rockstar, they can lit a fire under GTA's ass just like that *sparks a match* but it's unlikely it'll match CoD numbers as Cod is a HUUGE community now, constantly active and constantly evolving. GTA doesn't have that. Outside maybe the mod community, which is pretty limited compared to a mainstream community.

So as far as being 'big' in entertainment goes, CoD will of course lead for obvious reasons.
But for us hardcore peeps, it's leading our gaming needs that count, and GTA does that million times better than CoD.

And seeing as this next GTA has been in development for longest ever for a GTA title (assuming they've been working on it, even if little by little), it's probably going to be beyond epic and maybe Rockstar will go the community route, building a 'proper' online city and make that a community/ service they'll update to keep us in the GTA universe.

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09-22-2011 05:06 PM

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