Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
APR 27
PlayStation Network Hacked - Your Personal Details May Be At Risk - General News | @ 05:08 PM MDT | By Zidane
The PlayStation Network has been down for a week, and it's reported a hacker has gained access to user's personal information, including addresses, e-mail addresses, security questions and possibly credit card information. Although Sony said that there is "no evidence" credit card info has been stolen, they are urging users to check their statements in case the hackers did affect it.

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Sony is in BIG trouble, first the Jailbreak, now this :P
04-27-2011 05:19 PM
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Well, this is my argument all along. Even though we pay for Xbox Live, we pay for a reason; plenty of servers, massive transfer speeds and security.
04-28-2011 05:44 AM
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Sony has thousands of server for their PSN network, but as far as I hear only a limited support staff.

Security wise nothing is unbreakable. Nothing. If It's secure, it can be broken.

The main question here is why didn't Sony deploy any additional countermeasures to secure the network? After digging a bit it was predicted a long long time ago that the network was wide open to anybody with malicious intent.

The information on the vulnerabilities (HTTPS being bypassed by self made certs, proxy inbuilt to CFW used to steal data) can be found by any child with internet access as well as details on how to secure said exploitable venues.

Sure, it's not Sony's fault for having to deal with custom firmware. But look at PGP encryption:

A single 2048 bit key is unbreakable by any standard. And when generated you have two portions of a key

1. Public key (Can be shared with anybody, used to encrypt data meant only for the holder of the key)

2. Private key (Can be used to generate/validate the public key, and it's main function is to decrypt any information sent by the public key holder).

Without the private key, you cannot in any possible way tell what the encrypted data is. The private key is your 50 foot Adamantium bank vault. As long as this portion is secure, you will never have to worry about anybody reading your transmitted data.

This was, all Sony would have to do is keep the Private Key secure, and you couldn't touch any data being transmitted to them via HTTP or HTTPS.

Yet Sony decided to sit back and take faith that no cybercriminal would take the easy meal.

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04-28-2011 06:53 AM
you are XP
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haha sony got hacked!
05-06-2011 10:47 PM

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